Lesson 7: The Magick of Music

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Music can be an integral part of your energy raising if you use it with understanding. You can simply use instrumental or drumming pieces to enhance the experience or heighten your enjoyment during your workings – soothing melodic tunes during meditations or simple energy raising, rhythmic pieces with high-energy drumming if you plan to trance-dance to raise power, or cd’s with appropriate chants to help you focus.

Now if you want to put something together yourself you may want to consider the fact that music is, of course, sound waves. Each note travels at a specific vibration which emits a specific energy wave pattern. When we are raising and focusing energy during ritual that is exactly what we are doing with our concentration – creating brain wave patterns to attract and manipulate energy patterns according to our focus. You can add to the energy that you are already raising by incorporating specific musical notes in your rituals. There are specific notes associated with each Chakra, for example: the note C is used for the Root Chakra which would help you with grounding and protection; note B for the Crown Chakra to enhance spiritual awareness; note A for the 3rd Eye to increase psychic ability, note D for the Sacral Chakra to enhance sexuality; note E for the Solar Plexus Chakra for health and vitality; note F for the Heart Chakra to heal the emotions; note G for the Throat Chakra to speak and know truth. You can do this by incorporating musical pieces in specific attunements - by using a tuning fork (obtained at stores which sell musical instruments) in the note of the energies you are working with or by using Crystal Singing Bowls in the specific note of the energy you are seeking to concentrate. You can also use chords (3-note patterns) to address specific issues. For intelligence, concentration and conscious mind enhancement use C, G and E together. For patience and understanding, use C#, F and G# together. For courage and personal power, use D, F# and A together. For joy and energy, use D#, G and A# together. For love and purification, use E, G# and B together. For self-esteem, use F, A and C together. For balance use F#, C# and A# together. For creativity, use G, B and D together. For dreams use G#, C and D# together. For success use A, C# and E together. For connection with others use A#, D and F together. And for compassion us B, D# and F# together.

Music in ritual can be used purely for the pleasure of it and to subtly enhance the work you are doing. Or you can devise a ritual which focuses on the energy wave patterns of specific notes to send your incantations winging through the universe to your concentrated will. Have fun!

Please see our Color and Sound book listing for titles that can enhance your study of the magick of music.

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