Lesson 3: Visualization in Magick

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The purpose of visualization is multifold. Learning to visualize goes hand-in-hand with learning to concentrate, creating self-discipline, developing an active and controlled imagination, meditation, focus, astral projection and dream working - all important facets to the development of magickal ability. Visualization is the creation of a pattern or picture within the mind and the holding of this pattern or picture while projecting it as a visual experience.

By learning to visualize, you will find that your rituals are enhanced, more focused and therefore more effective. For example, in a healing ritual you can produce more energy by visualizing the afflicted area as healthy and vital than by just directing energy generally to the area. By utilizing both the direction of the healing energy and the visualization of the area as healthy, you will promote a faster and more efficient healing process. This holds true for all types of ritual. Visualization of the goal achieved, combined with the direction of the magickal energy, will channel more energy, thus achieving a more effective ritual.

It takes time to develop the ability to visualize at will, so be prepared to expend energy and time to allow this ability to manifest. You should set aside a time period in which to experiment with the process each day - a time when you will not be interrupted and when you will not be too fatigued.

Even if you haven't worked much with magick or ritual to date, you have experienced visualization. When you are fantasizing and day-dreaming and you become unaware of the sound and motion around you and your surroundings when you are immersed in the scenes inside of your own mind, you are visualizing. The following exercises will help you to regain and control that innate ability.

  1. Begin thinking about a subject which is dear to you - a particular fantasy that you have, such as the house you would like to build, the picture you would like to draw, or the person that you are in love with. Concentrate all of your attention on this subject and enjoy your thoughts, seeing in your mind's eye the house, the picture or the lover. Now become aware that you are visualizing. The scene in your mind's eye will probably waver or disappear at this realization. Re-grasp it firmly in your mind and hold it there for as long as you are able.
  2. After you have successfully completed the first exercise and have been able to consistently visualize the scene everyday for a week, sit down in your living room family room, basement or wherever you have peace and quiet and let yourself relax. Decide upon an object in the room, a chair for example, and look at it very carefully, keeping all of your thoughts on the chair. Notice the shadows on the chair, the wrinkles in the material, the grain of the wood. Now sit back and close your eyes. Try to bring the image of the chair into your mind. Experiment with this every day until you can do it and hold it at least 5 minutes. After you have done it with consistent results for a week go on to exercise three.
  3. Continue using the same object that you have been visualizing. Bring it into your mind and hold it there in your mind's eye. Now open your eyes and see the object before you (the image in your mind, not the physical object) and place it at eyelevel against a solid colored wall, preferably a white wall. Practice this for a week.
  4. Now when you visualize the object against the wall, change the its color then change it back to the original color. Practice this with different colors. Now raise and lower the object. Turn it around and upside down. Return it to its original position.

Visualization is not difficult, but it does require time, determination, quiet and patience. When you have mastered it and apply it during your rituals, you will find that your results will be faster and more effective.


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