Lesson 5: Use of Energy Flows in Magick

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Body energy flows are important to the magician because their application in vital to the balance and efficient usage of magickal energy when applied correctly and knowledgably by the practitioner.

Throughout the body are currents of magnetic and electric flows. Going up the body are the electric flows, down the body are the magnetic flows. With the arms it is reverse - moving up the arms are the magnetic or drawing energies, down the arms toward the hands are the electric energies which can be used to heal and to send out desires, visualized intentions and transformative flows. Both of these flows can be used to heal, cleanse, attract and direct.

There are 414 marked flows of energy on the body not counting the 7 Major Chakras along the meridian of the spinal column and the 4 energy 'vortexes', one each in the arches of the feet and the palms of the hands. These are the points of energy used in acupuncture and acupressure healing techniques.

Imbalance occurs when any of these energy points are blocked. Physically you can tell there is a blockage by the tension present in the body, ie, shoulder or neck for example; mentally by sluggish thought processes and cloudy mind; psychically by the fact that your rituals just aren't working out as you had planned and your usual sensitivity to understanding energies, omens and dreams is not clear.

What is blockage? Where energy has accumulated but cannot escape. The points where it is blocked are painful and tense. Rather like a pimple - the natural cleansing processes become blocked, the pimple forms and is painful.

I recommend massage to introduce you to the physical concept of energy flows. Through the manipulation of muscles and the pressing of 'pressure points' one can rid the body of energy blockages and render the body supple and revitalized. Through physical massage one can learn to feel blockages with the hands which can then lead you into psychic healing, directing energy through the hands and the visualization of energy flows.

What do you do with the energy flows once you have been able to feel them physically and psychically and visualized them? Some suggestions:

  • Cleansing oneself mentally and physically for better health, clearer thought
  • Cleansing oneself inside and out for ritual purposes prior to a rite.
  • Directing energy for either magickal energy storage purposes as in charging objects like talismans for specific purposes
  • Focusing, gathering, directing and releasing ritual energy to manifest a goal.

Charging magickal tools and Psychic Shielding

Here are some exercises to help you to recognize and utilize your body energy flows:

Visualize energy in the air and the sun coming into your body through conscious breathing. As you inhale let the energy flow throughout your body, cleansing, soothing, and making each organ and individual cell glow. As you exhale see all the stress and ill health leaving your body with that exhaled breath. You have just washed every organ and cell in your body and are now cleansed and refreshed.

If you have a specific illness such as a stomach or head ache, direct the energy from the air and sun to the spot of discomfort as you inhale. Exhale out the illness.

Stand outside, barefoot, on the earth. Imagine that you are sending down roots through your feet. Once you are rooted, absorb energy from the earth just like a plant drinks water and minerals from the earth. Don't forget to draw your roots back up into your body when you are finished.

Root yourself in the earth once again, this time just for balance. Don't absorb energy from this source. Instead, raise your arms above your head and draw energy from the air, sun, stars or moon. See the energy, white and radiate, flowing down from the sky into the palms of your hands and into your body.

There. See, now aren't you glad that you did your visualization exercises? You can also experiment with heating and cooling your body with this method.
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