Lesson 6: The Magick of Color

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The use of color can be an immense help in ritual and magick. Colored candles, inks, paper on which to draw your talismanic images & write down your desires, altar cloths, incense and more contribute to the energy raised and focused during a ceremony. Why? The reason we see different colors is the way that the energy (vibration) of light refracts and reflects from the object. We are visually seeing and experiencing the molecular structure (energy or vibration) of an object such as a candle and its color. Different energy structures or vibrations attract and focus specific energy patterns such as the state of abundance, of love or of protection. When you use color in your rituals, you are tuning into and controlling the specific energy state or pattern which will most powerfully focus your particular spell or ritual. Each color has its own vibratory rate which corresponds to the vibrations (energy pattern) of the desired event. When you see a rainbow arching across the sky, you are witnessing the refraction of light rays from the sun through the atmosphere of the earth. This refraction of light through the energy of our atmosphere shows us the colors of the energies effecting our planet.

You probably remember from your basic art classes that there are what are knows as Primary (red, blue and yellow) and Secondary (green, purple and orange) colors. By combining these colors you will be able to arrange many effects. For example, Red is the primary color of vital, active life and Blue is the primary color of meditative states and spirituality. When you combine red and blue you create purple which attracts active psychic abilities and an understanding of spiritual matters.

Primary Colors:

RED is vital and active. It is the color of life energy and sexuality. It is sensual and of the material plane. RED is energizing, heating and exciting when it is used in a positive manner. When applied negatively it is anger, destructive (fire can warm a house or burn it down!), and discordant. RED is used to bring vitality and movement to projects, in spells of love & seduction.

BLUE is spiritual and intuitive. It is the color of the subconscious mind and creative artistry. BLUE is soothing and can be used for meditation, peace and for astral projection. If it is used negatively, such as with a navy or indigo candle it can confuse the mind, causes mental illness, nightmares & depression. Light or bright blue are the tones best used for positive results.

YELLOW is the color of the workings of the conscious, intellectual mind. It aids in logical, linear, analytical thinking processes such as for enhancing memory, writing, speaking eloquently and studying. Yellow used negatively, such as a murky yellow-brown destroys the will and provokes fears.

What do you do with the energy flows once you have been able to feel them physically and psychically and visualized them? Some suggestions:

Secondary Colors:

Secondary colors are created by combining the primary colors.

PURPLE is a combination of blue and red. It helps to integrate the subconscious and conscious minds and can be used to enhance your psychic powers and spirituality here on the physical plane. It is also the color of royalty and give dignity and authority. Negatively it is the color of the megalomaniac.

GREEN is a combination of blue and yellow. It is the balancing of the subjective with the objective, our dreams with reality. Green denotes growth and creativity and is an excellent color for healings. Chartreuse, a color in which the yellow overpowers the green, is green used negatively, causing jealousy and insecurity (green with envy).

ORANGE is a combination of red and yellow. It is the vital life force of red with the mental activity of yellow. It is the most creative, energizing color and is good in healings when regeneration is needed. It is also helpful when we have a mental block which is leading us to inaction. Negatively it is indolence and repression.

WHITE is the combination of all colors and denotes purity, perfection and completeness. It is a good color to use for protection, meditation and exorcism.

BLACK is the absence of color and light and has been traditionally used for negative purposes. However, it can also be used to protect in case of psychic attack by burning a candle of this color to represent the power and intentions of your enemy. It can also be used to represent a disease such as cancer or a bad habit. In this case, the burning of the black candle burns away the power of the disease or of the bad habit. Black can transform and absorb negative energy.

PINK is used in love and friendship rituals. It is really better to use PINK than RED in love spells because red can bring in more lust than love.

BROWN in warm tones such as russet is used to stabilize and unify the home. Darker browns can help ground (bring down to earth) intentions and actions but can also stagnate and slow.

You can use more than one color in a ritual depending on what your goal is. Combine your colors to achieve the exact balance of vibrations that you want in your acts of magick.

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