Lesson 4: Developing the Magickal Will

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The most common and major shortcoming in practitioners of magick today is their lack of self-confidence in their magickal abilities. In our society, we are brought up to believe that anything worth having must be acquired IMMEDIATELY with a credit card or by taking a pill. Everyone intellectually knows that this premise is ridiculous, but our upbringing tells us otherwise.

Magick follows the natural laws and flows of the universe. It is naïve to assume that the morning after doing a money ritual that you will open your bedroom closet and be covered in a torrential flow of twenty dollar bills. However, as we grow up this is the way that 'magick' is presented to us on television, in movies and in fairy tales. That upbringing is not easy to overcome. Subconsciously, we think that that's the way magick is supposed to work and when it doesn't, we lose confidence in our abilities. We then stop trying to develop magickal expertise. Magick is the conscious manipulation of energy and as with any other talent, it must be consciously and consistently worked at. You cannot achieve self-confidence without first developing the magickal will and this requires time, perseverance and self-knowledge.

This Magickal Will is the ability to consciously choose to act in a magickal or mundane manner and then implement that choice. Therefore, you must first learn to Choose to Act. Having chosen, you then learn to complete that act with a total commitment - to act with abandon. Having acted, you learn to accept the consequences of your actions, thereby becoming responsible for yourself and for your actions.

The primary problems involved are fear of failure, anxiety and lack of self- discipline. In order to overcome these obstacles, you must first understand what is involved:


  1. Become aware of the vast number of possible decisions and choices that you are faced with everyday.
  2. Think about how and why each habitual decision occurs, then decide if that is REALLY the decision you want to follow rather than just allowing habit to direct your choice.
  3. In the little decisions, choose to act differently than your habits normally dictate. For example, drive to work on a different route. This is to get you out of your rut, if you happen to be in one, and to show you how different experiences can come out of changing a habit.

  1. Realize that being human, you are allowed to make mistakes, so learn not to regret past actions, whatever they were. Learn from them, but don't waste time and energy with regrets or 'if only' thoughts.
  2. Recognize the total uselessness of anxiety. If you are not sure of your decision, wait until you are sure, then act. Having made it, follow through.

  1. Consciously choose to accept responsibility for your own actions.
  2. Consciously choose to accept responsibility for being the person that you are, recognizing your strengths and your weaknesses as things that are under your control. Begin to transform your weaknesses into strengths.
  3. Understand that self-responsibility means responsibility for your actions (and reactions) and responsibility to yourself. You are accountable for your actions.

  1. Never lie; therefore, be careful of your motivations. If you lie to others, you will lie to yourself. If you lie to yourself, you cannot have confidence in yourself.
  2. Follow through on all your decisions, therefore, be very careful in your decision making processes and what you agree to do for others.
  3. Use a physical discipline to create a pattern in your life - yoga, meditation, t'ai ch'i and ballet are good ones. Consider the time element. Don't set it up at a time or place which will be difficult for you, thereby undermining this lesson.
  4. Develop self-awareness as to your thoughts, words and actions. Understand your motivations.
  5. Consciously choose to accept responsibility for your actions and decisions each time you act or make a choice.

Notice the effects on your life from following these ideas. Notice the increased strength of will as a result of exercising it. Learn to recognize that you can choose to be or not to be responsible to or for other people. Don't let others put you on a 'guilt trip'. If you are choosing your course of action consciously and are responsible for the results of your actions, then you are not subject to other people's whims. You and only you are in charge of your life.

By developing your Magickal Will, you will continue to reinforce your personal power in such a way that your subconscious mind acknowledges that you act on your decisions, are truthful in your motivations and are in charge of the course of your life and your magicks. It is the subconscious mind that releases the energy and power behind the rituals that you do. Having your conscious mind and your subconscious mind acting in concert with each other will enhance the effectiveness of your rituals and also make your mundane life work more smoothly in every action you take.
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