Qabalistic Magick Lesson 2: Yesod

Karen Charboneau Harrison

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  • God Name: Shaddai El Chai
  • Planet: Moon
  • Titles: The Foundation, Treasure House of Images, Sphere of Illusion
  • Experience: Vision of the Machinery of the Universe
  • Symbols: Perfumes, sandals
  • Gods & Goddesses: Diana, Hecate, Shu, Sin (all Moon deities)
  • Associated with the Genitals

Yesod is the astral, etheric level of existance, which is why one of its titles is the Foundation. It is in the Astral that thought-forms are fed and gain in energy and substance until they are physically manifested in Malkuth. Therefore, the Astral Plane is the Foundation for the Physical Plane. Yesod is the mysterious, shadowy realm of the Moon where magickal energy is stored and drawn upon. Until something is fully formed in Yesod, it will not make its appearance here in the material world. As Ted Andrews says in Simplified Magic "It is that level in which our mind can build the images that connect us to all others in our life. Through this level we can increase our understanding of the rhythms, fluctuations and tides of organic growth and cyclic changes going on around us. It is here that we can touch our subconscious, psychic and biological functions of life and awaken and stimulate them into greater activity. It is at this level that we can build thought forms and images that will pull increasing energy from the other levels." Remember that when we work on the Tree the energy from each of the ascending Sephiroth must be imaged and given form in Yesod to come to life here.

The Magickal Image is a Beautiful, Erect Man. Beautiful means perfect in form, Erect means with erect phallus - the generative force. Indeed the genitals and reproductive systems of both sexes are connected to Yesod.

Shaddai El Chai has been translated as Almighty Living God. Interestingly, Shaddai translates literally as Breasts or Mountains, El translates as God (without gender affiliation so read Godhead or Divine One) and Chai is Life. Think about these images and what they mean to you.

Yesod is called the Treasure-house of Images, meaning that the forms of all archetypes, all thoughts, all emotions, all experiences are stored at this level. It is also called the Sphere of Illusion, for while the images are there, they are not given total life until they manifest here by our activation of them.

The Experience of Yesod is the Vision of the Machinery of the Universe, meaning a vision of understanding that the Universe works through a Divine Plan and that you are a part of it. It does not mean that you will be privy to understanding exactly how each and every minutia works but that there is truly a rhythm, a cycle to all things.

Perfumes work through our emotional response on a subconscious level, bringing into play forgotten memories stored in the subconscious, emotional reaction and synapse stimulation. This is why we use incense and oils in rituals - to contact directly the subconscious mind. Sandals symbolize walking the Path to the inner Self.

All Moon Gods and Goddesses belong to the sphere of Yesod.

Suggested Exercises:
  1. The Virtue of Yesod is Independence; the Vice is Idleness. Work on your independence, acting thru your truth and note what areas bring out the laziness in you. Work to change where appropriate.
  2. Remember and contemplate past lives and/or dreams.
  3. Work on your ability to visualize.
  4. Work with divination tools; listening to your inner voice; honoring your feelings.

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