Qabalistic Magick Lesson 4: Netzach: The Sphere of Perfect Beauty

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The sphere of NETZACH contains all instincts, raw emotions and feelings. This is the realm of Venus-Aphrodite who is not a fertility goddess but one of pure emotion and feeling. This sphere is force without physicality - pure creative energy. Netzach is music, poetry, art, all things which in their pure expression appeal to our feeling nature and touch our emotions. This is the energy of Nature herself.

There is balance and equilibrium between Netzach and Hod (which we discussed last month), and really all of the sephiroth should be considered in light of the others, especially those which equilibriate the other, i.e. Chockmah and Binah, Chesed and Geburah (all 4 of which we will be discussing in detail in later articles), and Netzach and Hod.


  • Feelings and instincts
  • Undifferentiated
  • Group Mind
  • Forces

  • Intellect
  • Individual
  • Beginnings of individual mind
  • Forces

Hod is forming and limiting in nature. This is done mostly through the intellectual powers in Hod where the raw powers of Netzach take form and come into action. Hod must have Netzach or the intellectual forms would be but empty shells while Netzach must have Hod or its forces, the instincts and emotions, would have no creative outlet.

The title 'Victory' for Netzach is victory in Divine Love, or uniting with the Gods.

The Magical Image of Netzach is the Beautiful Naked Woman. It is the Sphere of Aphrodite, Venus, Hathor as an Aspect of Isis, and all Goddesses of Love and Beauty.

Netzach is the force of the Creative Imagination - it is the inspiration of the Artist, Musician and Poet. Any creative act is surely from Her inspiration - the Muse which resides in Netzach.

The Spiritual Experience of Netzach is the Vision of Beauty Triumphant - any wondrous object, even a tool or a building, comes from the power of Netzach, the creative imagination.

Netzach is the energy of Nature and green is Her color: "The Force that through the Green Fuse drives the flower, drives my red blood." - Dylan Thomas Getting more and more toward the physical level we can understand Netzach as our beating heart, our red blood, our urge to live - it is the Force which animates us.

The Rose is a symbol of Netzach, considered the Perfect Flower combining scent, color, shape and great beauty, The Vision of Beauty Triumphant, and is a vision of Perfection.

Netzach is a Flaming, Fiery, Creative Energy. If we assign elements to the lower four sephiroth, Netzach would be Fire. Netzach is the urge to Create, and also if we follow this idea into nature, certainly the sex drive, the urge to procreate, has a relationship here.

From Netzach comes the Power, the Force which animates sex, art, ritual magic or any endeavor which requires energy and creativity. Without Netzach the thought forms of Hod, while brilliant, are but dry and useless shells.

Really, in our current world of computers, indoor climate control and technology, the Romantic and Renaissance periods of history as well as the ancient world with the veneration of the Goddess, probably understood the energies of Netzach much better than we do today.

If we call Hod 'Mind' we can call Netzach 'Soul'.

The God Name for Netzach is Yod Heh Vav Heh Tzaboath meaning God of Hosts. The Hosts acting like a prism splitting up the Sun-light of Tiphareth. Also this is the One who holds many and produces many.

The Archangel of the level Briah for Netzach is Haniel meaning Grace of God or the Face of the Divine Angel who manifests the awareness of Harmony and Beauty that Netzach brings. Also Haniel has been called the Green Flame, and can be seen as intermixed green, gold and rose colored light.

The Angel Choir is called the Elohim at the level Yetzirah. Elohim meaning "Gods and Goddesses" or possibly the "Divine Ones". We have here the powers of the pantheons that may be contacted, carrying through the Grace or Presence of the Divine unto Humanity. The Divine Ones lie in between the realm of Humanity and that of the One Creator. The Elohim are the Vehicles for higher consciousness - Gods and Ideals. Ideals function well for the Mind and Intellect, whereas the Gods operate through feeling and soul, thus their attribution to Netzach.

In the World of Assiah, Netzach operates as Venus, Feeling, Emotion, Love, Warmth and Beauty, Singing, Dancing, Music, Ballet - all the Arts and their connection to expressive joy.

The Virtue of Netzach is Unselfishness - the ability to work with polarity to integrate and express opposites, which is integral to Venus. The ability to love the Other, as one who is truly selfish cannot do.

The Vice of Netzach is Unchastity - Lust and desire without honor and integrity. In sacrificing integrity one's Balance is lost. Netzach energy is purely expressed - a hard edged perfect Beauty.

The Spiritual Experience of Netzach is the Vision of Beauty Triumphant and the Symbols are The Rose of perfection and The Lamp of awareness.

Ways to experience the energies of Netzach:
  • Center yourself and visually explore the perfection of a rose.
  • Listen to a piece of classical music with headphones on in a dark room.
  • Make love with your partner, focusing on the exquisite pleasure and the Divine within him or her.
  • Go into the woods, sit by the ocean, walk through a meadow or watch a thunderstorm and open yourself up to the FEELING of it - its perfection, its power, the balance there in Nature.
  • Go to an art museum, and appreciate (without intellectually analyzing) the sculptures and paintings there.

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