Qabalistic Magick Lesson 5: Tiphareth

Karen Charboneau Harrison

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TIPHARETH is considered the center or heart of the Tree of Life and its title is Beauty: the Beauty of Perfect Balance and Harmony.

Its Magical Images are the Divine Child, the King and the Sacrificed One. The Divine Child of Tiphareth is the Innocent One - the Birth of each individual as a human being. The image of the King in Tiphareth is the King as Ruler and Mediator, using both Cosmic Mercy and Cosmic Severity along with personal emotion and thoughts to guide judgment. The Sacrificed One is he or she that lays down the earth-bound conceptions of separateness from the Divine, sacrificing the comforting illusion of ego. Here we find the mystery of the meeting point between human and divine.

The God Name of Tiphareth in the level Atziluth is YHVH ELOAH VE DAATH meaning the manifestation of the Divine in Knowledge and Balance. This is the Divine Name at the Central point of Equilibrium of the Tree. The name contains the Tetragrammaton which we've discussed in previous articles which contains both male and female as well as the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This is the God name of the stillness in the midst of motion, silence at the center of sound - this is the central point from which the top that is Creation spins. Tiphareth is the Balance point of all aspects of Human nature which allows the individual to connect with the Divine.

The Archangel of Tiphareth in the level Briah is given most often as Raphael whose name means "Healing of the Divine". Raphael is the Archangel of Healing and Teaching and is the special patron of travelers. Raphael is often seen with the Hermetic Caduceus Wand which is used today to symbolize the physician or healer. Raphael is here to heal the wounds of Humankind and as the Archangel of Tipareth, Raphael heals through creating balance and equilibrium.

The Order of Angels of Tiphareth in the level Yetzirah are the Malachim, meaning Kings, Rulers or Masters. Being of the level of Yetzirah which is the World of Formation, the Malachim are the Formators of Balance and Centralization. On a cosmic level the Malachim work to keep solar systems and galaxies balanced and related to one another. On the smallest scale they hold the molecules of an insect's wing in a balanced state of form. In the Mithraic Mysteries they were called the Lords of the Pivot - if the center was sound enough, the peripheral arrangement would continue its cyclic progression for a good period with balanced results, if the centre was unsound the circumference broke up.

The planet of Tiphareth in the level of Assiah is the solar orb of the Sun. Just as Tiphareth is the heart of the Tree of life, the Sun is the heart of our solar system. It is the Vital Center, the Heart which holds all in perfect balance.

Without an Inner Sun, without a strong and shining heart, we lose our lives to chaos and are unable to communicate with our Higher Self, our Holy Guardian Angel - the Self in the famous psychologist Carl Jung's terminology. This is the Focus of the Great Work, to unite our everyday consciousness as much as possible with Tiphareth, to bring balance into this World, and by contacting this point we understand our connection the Top of the Tree, Kether.

The Middle Pillar Exercise is often associated directly with Tiphareth. Just as Tiphareth is the balanced center of the Tree of Life, the Middle Pillar Exercise balances and joins the polarities in the electro-magnetic system of an individual's aura field. This enables the person to live in balance and to open to the natural expression of his or her true Divine nature. Here is one example of how to do the Middle Pillar Exercise:

Sit or stand in a relaxed, comfortable position. Ground and center your energies with those of the Earth and breathe slowly and deeply, aligning the rhythm of your heart beat with your breath. Begin to draw up into your body the energy of the Earth through the soles of your feet. Each time you inhale, draw the energies up further until your entire body is suffused with energy. In your mind's eye, see the energy start to glow, and allow it to radiate out in a sphere from the top of your head. Vibrate the Godname EHEIEH (pronounced Eh-Heh-Ee-Yeh) aloud several times feeling the energy glow brighter and with even more strength. Notice that your head is filled with this glowing energy and allow it to move down into your throat and neck. See this energy form a ball of light at your throat and intone (vibrate) the Godname YHVH ELOHIM (Yod-Heh-Vah-Heh Eh-Loh-Heem). Feel the energy growing in even more brilliance and strength as it moves down to your heart. Allow the energy to form another sphere of light at your heart and vibrate the Godname YHVH ELOAH VA-DAATH (Yod-Heh-Vah-Heh Eh-Loh-Ah Vah-Da-aat). The energy is growing brighter as it descends into your groin area where you see it forming into another brilliant, white ball of light. Intone the Godname Shaddai El Chai (Shah-Die El-Kie). And now, allow the energy to flow all the way down your legs to the bottom of your feet. See a ball of energy-light forming around your feet as you vibrate the Godname ADONAI HA-ARETZ (Ah-Doh-Nie Hah-Ah-Retz). Feel the balls of light glowing with intensity at the crown of your head, your throat, your heart, your groin and your feet. As you inhale, infuse them with even more energy and allow the sphere at the crown of your head to begin to shoot off sparks of energy which fountain down your body. Suck this energy up through the bottom of your feet and bring it back up through your body to the top of your head. Continue this circulation of force for a few minutes. Now absorb the energy into your self, allowing the spheres of energy to dissipate as you re-ground yourself with the energy of the Earth.

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