A Qabalistic Meditation, Journey Through the Spheres of the Tree of Life

Karen Charboneau Harrison

© Copyright 2023 Karen Charboneau-Harrison, All Rights Reserved.

This is a meditation on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. In this meditation, we will travel up the Tree from the realms of the physical world, through the Astral levels, into our Higher Consciousness and then into pure Spirit. To use this meditation, you may read it silently to yourself, read it aloud to others (or have someone read it to you as you travel these spheres) or you may wish to record it so that you can just relax and use it whenever you like.

Begin by doing your favorite relaxation exercise, then ground yourself and begin:


As you become aware of your body, you realize that you feel very heavy and relaxed, almost as if you were composed of dense stone. You have existed forever and time stretches before you endlessly. Your body is anchored into the earth, still and solid. You breathe deeply and quietly. You see before you a Gateway of rough hewn granite, weathered and ancient. You feel yourself drawn toward the gateway, although your body is very heavy and a part of the earth. You can feel your astral body rising like a mist from your physical body, drawn like a magnet to the Gateway. You pause for a moment and then drift through, feeling light and optimistic.


You find yourself part of the violet mist on the other side, one of many shapes and forms which float endlessly in this iridescent sea. You can see and feel the constant shifting movement around you and you surrender yourself to the drifting sensation, comfortably and safely. You notice that when you focus on a thought or image in your mind that you can see it formed in the mist around you and you play with this new experience with pleasure.


Now you feel a tugging in the energy on your left and allow yourself to glide smoothly in that direction as the shapes and forms around you part to let you pass. All of your senses are heightened and sensitized and you feel the energy currents surrounding you buzzing with electricity. Before you is an orange doorway. You focus on being on the other side of the door and immediately you are there. Your mental faculties feel very sharp and alert. Your mind fills with light and clarity as you fill your lungs with cool, refreshing air and place your feet on the stone pathway before you. It twines between an open hallway of tall, impressive smooth pillars. Ahead you see a wall with thousands and thousands of scrolls stored on its shelves. You approach and select a scroll, unroll it and view the message there. You replace the scroll thoughtfully and continue on the pathway.


You notice that beyond the pillared pathway on your right is a deep wood. It is obviously early summer, for the trees are leaved in deep green and flowering bushes fill the air with an intoxicating scent. You leave the pathway and begin to walk in soft, cool grass; enjoying the sensation on your bare feet. You walk into the wood and notice the rich sounds of birdsong. You are astounded by the beauty of nature displayed before you. You feel free and strong, truly and fully alive. Suddenly you notice a huge, majestic lion approaching from the wood. You fill with a sense of anticipation and allow him to come up to you. He sniffs your hand and then licks it in approval. The lion saunters off to the left and you feel impelled to follow. He leads you out of the woods and you begin climbing a hill upon which you can see a tall oak tree. You hesitate and the lion returns to your side, nudging you forward toward the oak.


You walk around the tree in wonder. The trunk is at least 30 feet in diameter and it stretches at least a hundred feet in the air. Tied onto its lower branches are ribbons and small mirrors, tiny mysterious boxes and tinkering bells. Now you understand - this is a place where you can leave an old memory or an old fear, one which sometimes bothers you but really serves no purpose. You see at the base of the trunk a small carved box with a lid. You pick it up and open it. It's empty now but you know that all you must do is select a memory of something that you want to let go of and place that thought in the box. You decide and stare into the box while focusing on your thought. You close the box and then place it in the crook of a branch. It is done. You look around for the lion but it is gone. You feel very humble to have received this gift of release from the lion.


Although letting go wasn't easy, you feel stronger and more confident. You lean against the tree and feel it give way! Your body dissolves thru the tree and you find yourself in a room made of red granite. It is very warm in here and while you can see very well, you cannot make out a source of light. It seems to be illuminated from the walls themselves, glowing red and warm. You notice that the walls are lined with swords of all kinds, gleaming and sharp, many with jewels shining on their hilts and set into the blades. They are incredibly beautiful, truly works of art, and you move to lift one from the wall to examine it more closely. It feels alive in your hand and a warm flush spreads thru your body as you absorb the energy from the sword. An opening appears where the sword was displayed on the wall and you walk through it. As you reach the other side, the sword in your hand bursts into flame and disappears leaving a lingering smell of ginger and a glittering ruby in your hand. You place the ruby in your pocket and notice your surroundings.


You have entered a great hall with stained-glass windows of azure blue. Your footsteps ring out on the lapis floor as you approach the throne at the far end of the room. A king sits on the throne in contemplation, a wise and kind expression on his face. You approach the throne and he looks at you then offers you his sceptre to hold for a moment. You take it and suddenly feel filled with compassionate wisdom. You know that if you wish it, you may now consider a decision that you have been trying to make and receive the correct answer to your dilemma. You relax and contemplate, listening to your inner voice. In gratitude you return the sceptre to the king and, bowing your head, you turn and leave the great hall.


You are outside and now it is night. The soft, cool night air caresses you and you feel a slight melancholy. Ahead through the darkness you can see a small cottage, its windows glowing with candlelight. It looks wild with the plants growing around it and the vines trailing up to its thatched roof. You can smell the wonderful scent of a stew cooking and approach the wooden door. You knock and an ancient woman with a black scarf covering her head opens the door. She motions for you to enter and without hesitation, you do. Inside it is very comfortable and the scent of drying herbs tickle your nose. You sit at the old woman's trestle table and she turns to dish you up a bowl of the stew from the bubbling cauldron suspended in her hearth. You start to ask her who she is, where you are, but she turns back to you and, smiling, puts her finger to her lips to silence you. You shrug and accept the stew as she places it before you, but you feel like talking and don't understand why she hasn't said a word. You take a small bite of the stew and as you do so, a calm serenity envelopes you. You feel totally at home and understand that here is a place where you can enjoy comfortable silence. She is sitting in a rocking chair by a window, watching for any others lost in the night whom she can offer comfort. You stand and walk toward her and notice that you have become a child of about 5. She holds out her arms and you are enfolded in them. She rocks you, murmuring comforting sounds in your ear and you fall asleep.


You awaken, refreshed and alert, back in your adult body. The cottage is empty. The old woman must be out gathering herbs, you think. On the table you leave her the ruby from the sword in thanks and open the door. You see just beyond the cottage a deep ravine with a rope bridge traversing it. You move forward and look over the edge of the ravine. It is so deep that you cannot see the bottom! You place a foot on the bridge, gripping the rope sides tightly with your hands. The bridge sways slightly and you feel your heart pounding. You continue forward, carefully and slowly, step by step, trying to get into rhythm with the swaying of the bridge. As you reach the halfway point you hear strange sounds, singing, laughing, moaning, screaming and you wonder why you ever stepped on this bridge! The sounds are drifting up from the ravine and you steel your nerve to continue the crossing. The bridge feels looser now, as if the rope is raveling and you begin to hurry. Faster and faster you move until you are running and as you reach the other side, the bridge comes loose from its mooring. You have to jump! You barely reach the edge and must grasp at the tree roots hanging from the side of the ravine.


You scrabble up and as your feet find their purchase you stand and try to look around to see where you are. The light is absolutely blinding! You can't see anything for the light. You are sucked up into it and drawn forward into a maelstrom of churning energy. There's nothing else you can do, so you relax your body and stop fighting it. You are turning over and over and as your eyes get used to the brightness, you can discern sparkles of color, explosions of silver and shooting gold sparkles. You can feel your body losing all definition as you break up and disperse your molecules into the universe.


You have no sense of time, no sense of self. You float endlessly, a part of everything that has ever been or ever will be. Your consciousness is expanded flowing out in lines and curves through the universe, touching everything and dissolving into it. You reach and reach outward, a flowing, streaming light of spirit. You feel a rushing force of energy and realize that it is you!


As you float, you become aware of yourself again. Aware of your separate but connected consciousness. You slow, pulling inward, drawing yourself back to your own center. You breathe deeply, slowly, returning your consciousness to your physical body. You settle in it, delighting in the physical sensations of your toes as they wiggle, of your body in the chair. You are once again a physical creature of the earth. Breathe deeply, returning to your normal state of consciousness. Each time you breathe you are anchored even more firmly in your body. When you are ready, open your eyes and be here in this room.

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