The Elements of Magick, Lesson 4: Water

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WATER is the element of love, intuition, emotion, fertility, sorrow, understanding and imagination. It is considered a passive and receptive. The direction and quarter of the Circle that corresponds to Water is the West. The season is Autumn and in the foundations of magick, Water is imagination. Imagination begins in our dreams, the language of our subconscius minds and without it our rituals would be dry and emotionless. Imagination allows us to see what might be and is therefore creativity, fertility and change.

The tool of Water is the Chalice which is used to contain the water of purification and exorcism, holds the ritual wine and for seeing past, present and future in the practice of scrying. The chalice represents wisdom, transformation and receptivity. In the legends of ancient times, the Grail of Immortality was sought by the valiant for its life-giving and regenerative powers as well as for the knowledge it brings. The ritual Cauldron is also of the element of Water and the stories that surround it (as the cauldron of Dagda, the cauldron of Cerridwen and the cauldron of Baba Yaga) reaffirm the theme of wisdom, life, transformation and regeneration.

The Sabbat which corresponds to Water is Samhain/Hallowmas, the festival of death, change and regeneration. Samhain falls in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, known for occult ability, psychic power, death and regeneration.

The archangel of water is Gabriel, known as the Prince of Change and Alteration. He can be seen on the Judgment card of the Tarot, blowing his horn which represents fertility and authority. He is visualized in robes of clear blue and orange, holding a chalice from which torrents of water spill.

Undines are the elements of Water. They are extremely graceful and seductive. Undines are similar to humans in form and majority of them are female. They will impart psychic knowledge and ability. If you work with them in this area, be sure to give them extravagant and appealing gifts in return, for they have feelings that can be easily bruised. They correspond to the human digestive system and Necksa is their King. Undines live in the oceans, the rivers, springs, creeks and raindrops. Their most beloved scents are cool ones - camphor, cucumber and citrus fruits such as lime. They delight in beautiful shells, silver jewelry, boxes for their treasures and flutes.

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