The Elements of Magick, Lesson 2: Air

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AIR is the element of the intellect and communication. It is considered an activating element. The direction and quarter of the Circle that corresponds to Air is the East, where the day begins. Air is the springtime, beginnings and, in the foundations of magick, it is Faith. Faith (confidence) in magick comes from knowledge (intellect) and from understanding the processes of ritual and applying them with sure result.

The tool of Air is the Wand, which is used to direct and channel energy in magick. In its application for healing where it is used to absorb the energy of the universe and channel that energy into the subject of the healing, it corresponds to the caduceus of Mercury, a god of Air - you will notice that this same symbols is used by physicians today.

The Sabbat which corresponds to Air is Candlemas (also known as Oimelc). This Sabbat falls in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, the astrological sign noted for intellectualization, eccentricity, originality and genius.

The archangel of Air is Raphael, the archangel of healing, teaching and travel. He is visualized on a mountaintop, in robes of yellow and purple (the colors associated with the element Air) which blow gently in the wind. In magick, angels represent invisible forces, powers ascending and descending between the Source of all things and the world. An Archangel, then, is the angelic entity in its highest and most pure force.

Sylphs are the elementals attributed to Air and are similar to human in form, although they are transparent and have lovely, delicate wings. They travel on the wind and you can hear them talking and laughing as they drift in and out of the trees. Paralda is the name of their kings. As you might imagine, they are very articulate and logical. Sylphs prefer the mountaintops where the air is the thinnest. They are related to the nervous system in the human body. Their favorite scents are the mints and light flowery essences such as tulip. They love the sound of bells and windchimes.

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