The Elements of Magick, Lesson 1: Earth

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EARTH is the element of secrecy, deep wisdom, possessions, creation, perseverance, birth and death. It is considered passive and receptive. The direction and quarter of the Circle which corresponds with Earth is the North, the place of endings. Earth corresponds to the bone structure of the human body. The season is Winter and the foundation of magick which corresponds to Earth is Secrecy. Hidden beneath the Earth are many treasures - jewels, minerals, oil - which must be sought out with forethought and labor. So it is with the magickal secrets that the element Earth hides; only through dedication and patience can these secrets be brought to light, yet they must always be protected and guarded.

The tool of the Earth is the Pentacle which is used both for drawing in and for projecting energy. The Pentacle is also used for defense as a shield. The magickal Cords are also of Earth and are used to bind energy.

The Sabbat which corresponds to Earth is Beltane, the festival of growth and fertility. Beltane falls in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, which is the sign associated with sensuality, acquisition, resources and practicality.

The archangel of Earth is Uriel (pronounced Ah-ree-el), also called the Lord of Awe, who presides over protection and strength. He is visualized in robes of olive and russet, bearing a Pentacle.

Gnomes are attributed to Earth and are seen in very small human form - your basic elf. Their king is Gheb (also known as Geb or Gob, as in goblin). Earth elementals are the most mischievous and love a good practical joke. They prefer the forest, the crags, the heaths and the caverns in which to live, although with the human population cutting down on gnomes' habitats, the more sociable enjoy being around sensitive and sympathetic human beings and will share living quarters. Gnomes love jewels, gold, interesting rocks, moss and living plants of all kinds. Their favorite scents are resins and woodland smells such as patchouli and vetivert.

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