The Elements of Magick, Lesson 3: Fire

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FIRE is the element of Will and Passion and is considered an Active element. The direction and quarter of the Circle that corresponds to Fire is the South, which we associate with heat. The season is, of course, summer – the time of growth and culmination of that growth. In the foundations of magick Fire is the Magickal Will. The force of the magickal will enables the magickian to carry through with goals, plans and dreams. Will serves as the impetus for the magickal energy which is sent forth to act on the physical plane to manifest the desire.

The tool of Fire is the Athame, the ritual dagger, which is used to inscribe the magickal sigils in the air during ritual; to describe the circumference of the magickal Circle; to banish phantasms and defend against them and to heal via the act of removing holes in the aura through cauterization on the astral plane.

The Sabbat which corresponds to Fire is Lammas, the Sabbat dedicated to Lugh the Sun God. Lammas falls in the fixed fire sign of Leo, which is characterized by dignity authority, creativity and flamboyance.

The archangel of Fire is Michael (pronounced Mee-kee-al), the archangel of authority, victory, initiative and splendor. Michael is visualized in robes of scarlet and green, bearing before him a flaming sword.

Fire is the application of the ideas of Air into physical reality as we perceive it.

Salamanders are attributed to the element of Fire. They are not considered a part of the physical flame as such, but the essence which enables the flame to burn. Naturally, they are most active in the summer months and geographically prefer the hotter regions. When they live in cold places, salamanders reside in the hearth. They are full of passion and enthusiasm and for this reason are sometimes considered dangerous as their unpredictability can be disconcerting. However, they are actually very generous and warmhearted, if treated with the respect due them. Salamanders relate to the heart in the human body as well as the circulatory system. Their king is called Djinn. Salamanders love the smell of burning wood and spicy odors such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Candles, lanterns and mirrors are attractive to them.

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