Making Herbal Amulets

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Herbal Amulets are combinations of herbs, resins and essential oils along with special stones, written wishes and any other natural power object (such as a shell, acorn or feather) gathered into an appropriately colored bag for a ritual purpose. Herbal Amulets are also called medicine bags, power bags, mojo bags and sachet bags in different folk cultures.

You may wish to consult previous articles on the Isis website for lists of which herbs and oils to use for specific purposes (Intro to Herbal Magick), what times will be best for your ritual (Moon Phase and Planetary Days) what colors accentuate the energies you are harnessing (Use of Color in Magick) and which stones (Magickal Gemstones and Their Uses) to use to draw the energies for your ritual.

Gather together your materials - herbs, resins, oils, stones, natural power object and bag or 4 inch by 4 inch natural material such as cotton or silk. If you are using a pre-made bag, place a healthy pinch of each herb and resin in the bottom of the bag, anoint your stone(s) with the oil(s) then place in the bag, and last place your natural power object. As you place each herb in the bag focus on the magickal properties of that herb. As you anoint your stone concentrate on the magickal powers of the stone and the energies of the oils you are anointing it with. If you are using a natural power object, concentrate on what the object represents in relationship to the spell you are working. Tighten the strings of your bag and leave it overnight to soak up the energies and blend them.

If you are making a sachet style Herbal Amulet, place your 4 inch by 4 inch material flat in the center of your altar. Concentrating on the magickal properties of each herb, place a healthy pinch in the center of the material. Focusing on the powers of the stone(s) and oil(s) you are using, anoint your stone(s) and place on top of the herbs. Hold the natural power object in your hands and concentrate on its meaning for your ritual, then place it on top of the herbs. Taking the 2 opposite corners of the material, gently draw them up and together, then do the same with the other corners. Twist gently but tightly and then tie the bag with a natural ribbon or string of the proper color.

You can wear your Herbal Amulet, keep it in your pocket or purse, store it in the glove box of your car, or keep it in an area where it is meant to influence. For example, keep a Prosperity Herbal Amulet in your purse or wallet; wear a Love Herbal Amulet or keep it in the drawer with your lingerie; wear a Protection Herbal Amulet, keep it in your car's glove box or bury or hang in near your front door; put a Dream Herbal Amulet in your pillow - you get the idea!

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