Moon Phases and Planetary Days

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The phase of the Moon and the day of the week are important to successful Magick. You are working with powerful but subtle energies. You want to connect with the tides of energy most conducive to the successful outcome of your ritual by planning to do the work at the most opportune time. When the moon is waxing (getting larger, from the New to the Full) it is the right time to do expansive, external magicks. Love, money, fertility, career, success and personal success are all done in the waxing time of the Moon. Rituals of an internal and/or binding nature should be done when the moon is on the wane (getting smaller, after the Full to the next New). This includes magicks to stop something from happening, to control garden pests, to cool off passions in another, protection, to learn about past lives and to enforce self control.

You will also need to decide which planet rules the type of magick you wish to do and perform your rite on that day in the proper phase of the moon:

  • Rites of the Sun (success, prosperity) are done on Sunday
  • Rites of the Moon (past lives, fertility) are done on Monday
  • Rites of Mars (protection, vitality) are done on Tuesday
  • Rites of Mercury (career, communication) are done on Wednesday
  • Rites of Jupiter (expansion, abundance) are done on Thursday
  • Rites of Venus (love, creativity) are done on Friday
  • Rites of Saturn (protection, grounding) are done on Saturday
  • Rites of Neptune (mystic connections) are done on Friday
  • Rites of Uranus (genius, change) are done on Wednesday
  • Rites of Pluto (transformation) are done on Tuesday

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