Herbs of Venus

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The energies of Venus are those of the Arts, Music, Beauty and Balance. As such, using the herbs of Venus can help to influence and enhance creativity, self-expression in painting, writing music, dance and all acts of artistic expression. Venusian herbs are also useful in physical beauty as well when they are applied to the skin to bring smoothness, moisture and youthfulness to the face.

A key concept in dealing with Venusian symbology and attributes is harmony. The balancing force represented by one of Venus's rulerships, Libra, may be taken as a good metaphor for the playing out of the idea of harmony on every level. Thus the sense of the aesthetic and of empathy and love manifest on all levels is emphasized with the energies of this planet. It is the Qabalistic sphere of Netzach to which Venus is attributed - the ecstatic consciousness that is a wellspring of creativity. Venus is the planet of the arts - dance, music, drawing and sculpture all express the Venusian energies and can be aided by the use of Venus herbs in incense, oil blends and teas. Love and beauty also fall under the rulership of Venus. Romantic love, to be sure, but also love of family, friends, community, the planet and all other beings. It is this Love, this coming together in empathy which creates the harmony of Venus. They say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and so it is with the Venusian appreciation of form in harmony. Beauty is found in perfect function, proportion and balance - not necessarily just in fashion magazines.

Venus rules over the metamorphosis of the cells, the reproduction and enrichment and transformation of cells, the preservation of the body, the complexion, the reproductive system and the harmony between all the systems of the body. To access these energies through the use of herbs you may wish to consider the following: For the Skin and physical beauty a facial application of rosewater or rose oil stabilizes the skin, helps with blemishes and generally nourishes. Strawberries, as well, heal the skin when they are eaten or their fruit juice is consumed and you can even cut strawberries into slices and give yourself a healing facial by laying them on the skin. For balancing health and enhancing the function of your metabolism and cells tansy, vervain and raspberry leaf and berries can be drunk in a tea or taken in capsule form. Reproduction and sexuality are also under the dominion of Venus. Raspberry, cherry, banana and periwinkle can help to nourish and balance the reproductive system, thus influencing the male and female hormones which are key to sexual interest.


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