Herbs of Uranus

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As Neptune is the dreamer and the mystic, so is Uranus the eccentric and the magickian. Neptune governs the irrational, intuitive function of the mind while Uranus governs the same functions of conscious perception as Mercury, but on another higher level. You might look at the energies of Mercury as the college math professor and Uranus as Einstein with his intuitive thinking patterns that make sense of the workings of the universe. The Uranian sphere of endeavor may be considered to be the conscious exercise of lucid magickal perception.

Each somewhat eccentric herb attributed to this decidedly unique planet does something to facilitate the achievement of this highly energized mental state. While Mercury may rule the nervous system, Uranus governs the electrical flow of nervous energy itself. Indeed, while most planets seem to rule a system or set or organs, Uranus rules ongoing, kinetic processes. Each Uranian herb acts as a nervous stimulant, producing an abundance of circulated energy flow that can cause the mind and one's perceptions to act and react in a decidedly off-the-wall manner.

Coffee was originally brewed as a sacramental drink among the Aztec, Maya and Inca. A powerful nervous stimulant, due principally to its heavy caffeine content, coffee produces a state of temporary alertness that may be useful in magickal operations and perceptions. The danger arises with prolonged use or overindulgence, which can produce both a physical addiction and a state of mental and emotional burn-out - where what was once only charmingly eccentric becomes dangerously erratic. It is a sort of a Sorcerer's Apprentice effect.

Kava-kava is also a sacramental drink among Pacific islanders, though in effect it seems to be the polar opposite of coffee. It was used in ritual to induce a tranquil sleep filled with visions and is thought to be a principal agent in the astral endeavors of the Hunas. It was also thought to act once again in contract to the effects of coffee - as an aphrodisiac,

Nutmeg is an aromatic, stimulant hallucinogen that serves to kick the brain into overdrive. Neural synapses seem to fire all at once and associational thought processes have a momentum all their own. A clear symptom of over indulgence is doubled or blurred vision. Even clear symptoms are severe stomach pain, hemorrhaging and death.

Other herbs of Uranus include guarana, clove and cinnamon.

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