Herbs of Saturn

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The energies of Saturn are those which rule the knowledge of karma, protection and shielding, endurance and time, restriction, self-control and the learning through overcoming challenges. It is sometimes known as a 'malefic' planet because it is through the meeting of these challenges that Saturn can bring that we experience hardship and difficulties. However, it is the overcoming of these challenges that the lessons of Saturn are learned and we understand the lessons that are our karmic heritage, enabling us to be more spiritually focused individuals.

The herbs of Saturn which express these energies are those which are roots like comfrey root or solomon's seal root, or grow in dark, dank places like cypress and are dark themselves such as patchouli. Herbs which serve in a clearing or fumitory/cleansing fashion such as garlic, which is a natural antibiotic also fall under the dominion of Saturn.

Saturn represents the forces of limitations and restrictions both in time and space providing the structure without which existence would dissolve into chaos. It is interesting that 2 of the most foul-smelling herbs, asafoetida and valerian, have been used for millennia in rites of banishment and exorcism and, medicinally speaking, are powerful antispasmodics, acting to limit and sedate potentially damaging overflows of energy. Other herbs of Saturn: rosemary, dill and St. John's wort are also antispasmodics, working principally on the nervous and digestive systems. Rosemary also reduces scrofulous sores and acts as a mild astringent. As astringents, acting to restrict and eliminate infection, we find Solomon's Seal, Hyssop, St. John's wort and garlic. Solomon's Seal and Hyssop bear fruit of the indigo color of Saturn and the flowers of garlic are sterile. Garlic is a great limiter in terms of internal infection as well as being an eliminative for worms. It admirably suits the Saturnian aspect of protection as garlic is widely credited as a preventative against a variety of diseases (including Bubonic Plague). It regularizes the liver and gall bladder (while Rosemary stimulates bile production) and has a limiting effect of the circulatory system, lowering blood pressure and combating arteriosclerosis. Sharing the pungent, aromatic qualities of valerian and asafoetida, it exemplifies the Saturnian medical principal of essential healing agents that are at times difficult to swallow.

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