Herbs of Neptune

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THE HERBS OF NEPTUNE are those of the mystic and the artist, the same ecstatic energy represented by Venus transmuted to a higher level of psychic and imaginative power that nurtures the sources of creativity, perception and inspiration through the experience of illusion, fantasy, imagination and occult intuition. Neptune is the dreamer - an aspect perhaps represented by the image of the sleeping Vishnu dreaming the dream of infinite creation.

The herbs attributed to Neptune are the patron plants of dream weavers. Their principal effects are psychotropic and psychotomimetic, opening up recesses of higher and lower levels of consciousness not normally accessible to the waking mind, revealing or at least indicating that most occult of all entities - the Hidden Self. A study of Neptunian herbs sheds light on the hidden aspects of the herbs associated with this mystical planet, revealing their connection. For example, an infusion of dried orange blossoms produce a stimulating effect on the nervous system. The oil distilled from the blossoms, however, upon inhalation of its delightful scent enables the inhaler to achieve a state described in the texts as 'hypnotic' - an excellent medium for trance work which falls under the dominion of Neptune.

Neptune is considered to be the higher octave of Venus, thus those properties of Venus - the arts, music, beauty, and love - are brought to an even higher, more intense and pure level. Neptune energies inspire the artist in finding his/her Muse and enable one to connect with the collective unconscious to explore the depths of art, music, beauty and dance in a deeply emotional way which ignites the subconscious, hopefully leading to a clearer and more intense expression of creative talent.

Opium is distilled from the Neptune herb Poppy, and while its use is not recommended to achieve trance states or astral travel due to problems with addiction and overdose, poppy seeds used in a tea or burnt in an incense will achieve a less intense opiate state while still aiding the user in obtaining the desired level. If you use poppy seeds this way, be aware that your use of it will show up in drug tests! Cannabis is another Neptune herb and still illegal in the some states, but those flower children of the '60s could attest to its hypnotic effects and heightened sense of creativity (although I'm not sure how much creativity was actually expressed!). Passion Flower is used medicinally as a calmative, sedative and soother. If you have ever viewed the live plant, you can attest to its other-worldly appearance. Wisteria, like Orange Blossom, has an intoxicating scent which leads to a calm, inward contemplation ideal for meditation and calming the mind prior to creative activity.

Herbs of Neptune include orange blossom, poppy, lobelia, wisteria, hemp, wild lettuce, willow and lotus.

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