Herbs of Mercury

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The activity of herbs attributed to Mercury is quite multifaceted and diverse, mirroring the ways that the energies of Mercury tend to perform in magick, but a common thread runs through them. Mercury is the connector, the communicator and the messenger, representing the bright intelligence and the free flow of nervous energy. Mercury governs both the nervous and respiratory systems and is intrinsically involved in matters of conscious perception. Like the Mars herbs, the action of stimulation is principal amongst Mercurial herbs though they are of a somewhat gentler and more precise nature than the Martian herb stimuli. Mercury energy is about communication and comprehension - communication by electrical impulse in the brain as well as the verbal and written word. Mercury energies are those of the orator, writer, computer programmer and actor. The herbs associated with this planet are often spices which act to excite the nervous system and the brain through the sense of taste. Cinnamon, licorice and star anise are noted examples of this function.

Gum Mastic exemplifies the interconnecting messenger function of Mercury. Though it is a fixative and binder, it provides the medium in which a multiplicity of elements may blend (communicate). Mercurial herbs seem as a group to act to relieve respiratory difficulty, hoarseness and headache due to stress. Mullein taken as a tea relieves respiratory conditions as well as coughs, hoarseness and bronchitis, while inhalation of the steam serves to break up congestion in the chest. Application of a mullein fomentation, on the other hand, is said to relieve skin inflammation, itching and warts. Licorice also relieves sore throat, hoarseness and bronchial conditions as well as calming nervous ulcers.

Lavender is excellent for relief to the skin when applied directly as a flower infusion or as an essential oil for insect bites and is an aid in relieving headache when massaged into the temples. It is also a beneficial herb to use in a sleep pillow to help focus and quiet the rambling thoughts of the mind in preparation for rest. Drinking a tea of equal parts cinnamon and lavender flowers is also very helpful before studying to help focus the mind in order to retain the information.

Mercurial herbs facilitate clear thinking and conscious understanding. They aid in business success and excite and vitalize the nervous receptors throughout the body. They help to facilitate quick recovery from illness. Mercurial herbs enable the conscious mind to communicate more easily with the subconscious mind, thus aiding psychic work with the Tarot or any other divination method which visually incorporates symbols and requires memorization. Herbs traditionally associated with Mercury include Cinnamon, Dill, Ephedra, Lavender, Licorice, Gum Mastic, Marjoram, Mouseear, Mullein, Star Anise, Thyme and Woodruff.

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