Herbs of Jupiter

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The energies of our largest planet, Jupiter, are represented and expressed in the human functions of magistrate, village elder and priest/ess. Jupiter is the planet of the All-father in many pantheons and the corresponding properties of generation, expansion and beneficence are consistently fulfilled in the herbs attributed to Jupiter. While Sage and Wood Betony wave the Jupiterian banner of royal purple in their crowns of leaves and flowers, it is in the healing, soothing functions that the herbs as a whole medicinally typify the benefic influence of their patron planet. Many of the herbs act to soothe and gently heal several conditions that are well known for causing extreme discomfort.

Wood betony is particularly useful for digestive difficulties that are (with varying degrees of aptness) attributed commonly to overly enthusiastic Jovian expressions of appetite. As a stomachic it is effective in relieving cramps, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea and dysentery. While wood betony acts to relieve the effects of Jovian excess, many of the other attributed herbs reflect the expansive, philanthropical aspects of Jupiter by acting as soothing salves, balms, tonics and emollients. Used internally, aloes is generally a purgative, but when used in an external wash it is one of the most effective of known emollients. It draws out infections and is useful as a wound wash, exerting a soothing and healing influence on minor burns, cuts, insect bites and wrinkles. Dandelion and linden, too, as teas act external astringents for skin irritations and mouth and throat sores.

Oak bark is another Jovian astringent effective on skin irritations and sores when used as a wash. As an internal astringent and digestive, it helps control rectal problems, hemorrhoids, bloody urine, varicose veins and internal hemorrhage. As the oak represented the All-father to the Druids, progenitor in the arboreal hierarchies, the strength of the tree radiates and the towering, beneficent shelter it provides to the forest have earned it by virtue of its very demeanor its attribution to Jupiter. Pine and poplar also produce healing balms. Poplar in particular produces a soothing salve for internal use and an exterior application for skin rashes, burns and scrapes non-pareil. The ascorbic acid content of pine makes it effect as a balm and liniment where a revitalization of systemic activity is needed. Pine-resin vapors, inhaled, are excellent in soothing respiratory ailments. Burdock root serves as an incredible liver tonic (the organ attributed to Jupiter) and clears the blood of hepatitis.

Jupiter herbs are expansive herbs. They bring growth, both spiritual and material. Herbs of Jupiter expand the mind, allowing for a mental understanding of the workings of the universe, the laws of nature and of humankind. Traditional Jovian herbs include Agrimony, Cinquefoil, Figs, Fir tree, Hyssop, Linden, Magnolia, Maple, Meadowsweet, Oak, Sage, Sumac, Rosin and Wood Betony.

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