The Twelve Decks of Christmas - Hilary's Picks

We are your Tarot Superstore! And our personal collections reflect this. In this series, we look at the decks we're most amped about right now.

Here are Hilary's picks for the Twelve Decks of Christmas:
There may or may not be twelve!

Medicine Cards
These cards are so wonderful to explore the world of Native American animal totems. It has Native American stories for all the animals featured in the deck. It also offers spreads to help you find out who your animal totems are!

Soulful Women
This deck is a wonderful deck for self exploration. It features beautiful illustrations of women with messages for self reflection and growth.

The Lantern Oracle
This deck is great for exploring the shadow side of oneself. The illustrations are powerful and look at the shadows we have and how to work through them.

Wisdom of Avalon
This deck has many different aspects in it. It has archetypes such as the Novice and the High Priestess. It also has animals and moments along the path. It’s great for seeing where you are and where you’re going.

Fyodor Pavlov Tarot
The artwork in this deck is why it’s a must have! Each card is amazingly illustrated. It’s truly like holding 78 beautiful art prints. Designed with the Rider Waite style in mind, it’s a wonderful deck to work with!

The Mythic Tarot
This is a fantastic set for beginning tarot. It’s based on the original Rider Waite deck. The giant book included helps to solve the tarot mystery; it tells you the meaning of the cards as well as pinpointing the imagery and its meaning on the cards. It helps to establish a full understanding of the tarot!

Many Blessings,
Hilary Hayne

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