The Twelve Decks of Christmas - Fran's Picks

We are your Tarot Superstore! And our personal collections reflect this. In this series, we look at the decks we're most amped about right now.

Here are Fran's picks for the Twelve Decks of Christmas:
There may or may not be twelve!

Haindl Tarot - A non traditional deck, this incorporates mythology from around the world. The Major Arcana has a rune, an astrological symbol, and a frame around the picture that tells what element the card is. The pip cards include an I Ching symbol on each one, along with the elemental border, and the court cards depict images from mythology, so you get a lot of symbolism in each card. There is something of a learning curve. so you need to get the Rachel Pollack books that explain things, but, once you learn the cards, you have a great tool for doing readings for yourself or others. And this deck pulls no punches. It tells you what you need to know.

Tarot of Vampyres - I love Ian Daniels' artwork. I was so excited when I learned this deck was coming out. I bought it for the artwork, and was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the wealth of symbology in the cards. The accompanying book is a great beginner's guide, explaining the color coding in the cards, the Qabalistic symbols, and the story of what is happening in each card, as well as the definition.

Ancestral Path Tarot - Another myth based deck, this one is also nontraditional. The colors are bright, and the symbolism is close enough to use any tarot book, although it comes with a Little White Book.

Faery Blessing Cards - This is not a divination deck. It is a collection of prayers and blessings for healing, love, protection, all the major needs, with Amy Brown's beautiful fairy art. Find the particular blessing you need, or pick a card, any card, and work with that energy for the day.

Tarot for the Great Outdoors - Published by Mountaineers Books of Seattle, this deck is a fairly traditional deck, with bright colors, and outdoor pursuits, including hiking, climbing, skiing, and so much more. I am the outdoorsy sort, and have a bookshelf on which Mountaineers is heavily represented, so this is another deck I was really looking forward to. I was not dissappointed. Oh, and it teaches Leave No Trace principles while it's at it.

Magic of Marvel - Based on the Marvel Comics universe, this oracle treats the characters as archetypes and uses them to show you what super power you should focus on and embody to deal with the situation about which you are doing the reading. This is designed for the younger set, but I am a dedicated Wolverine fan.

Housewives Tarot - A fairly standard tarot, but with images based on Fifties housewife images and archetypes. Fun and readable.

Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck - Jodi Bergsma's gorgeous artwork illustrates a deck based on the Native American Medicine Wheel. The book explains how to use the energies of the wheel. Again, I am a nut for nature.

Wild Woman Oracle - This deck is pen and ink, with a really cool copper background. Another one based on archetypes, this time in the form of fairytales, this deck is designed to help you find your inner Wild Woman, and own your innate power. Kinda preaching to the choir for me, but I really like that artwork.

Women of Science Tarot - Based on real women scientists, and published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Because MIT, right?

Royo Dark Tarot - Another deck I wanted just for the artwork. Luis Royo did a lot of sci-fi and fantasy book covers in the Seventies and Eighties. I love his art.

Beautiful Creatures Tarot - I am a sucker for the art. Jasmine Becket-Griffith's big eyed kids. And J. R. Rivera's book explains the cards simply and thoroughly.

As always, if you see something on this list that isn't on the website, shoot us an email or ring us up and we'll get it on the way.

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