The Twelve Decks of Christmas - Dev's Picks

We are your Tarot Superstore! And our personal collections reflect this. In this series, we look at the decks we're most amped about right now.

Here are Dev's picks for the Twelve Decks of Christmas:
There may or may not be twelve!

Amenti Oracle: The Amenti Oracle is a wonderful deck to use for daily affirmation work, and is a fantastic introduction to many of the Hermetic Principles of self transformation and mastery.

Modern Nirvana Oracle: This deck is a fantastic deck for weekly affirmations, and for meditation practices. Each card has its own message on how to improve your life, or meditative practices to further your spiritual development. The art is superb, and very unique.

Star Tarot: The Star tarot is a fantastic Ryder Waite style deck, that calls upon great multiethnic and spiritual themes, allowing for a global audience to connect with and appreciate the intuitive symbols found within its cards. The art is colourful without being harsh on the eyes.

Tarot Illuminati: A very unique deck, as it was created by a costume designer, which is heavily reflected in the art of the cards. Hyper realistic art that walks the line between reality and fantasy makes this deck very unique, while avoiding the dreaded uncanny valley.

Old Style Lenormand: This Lenormand Deck is a fantastic deck for use at period themed events, as the art relies heavily on lines reminiscent of woodcut art. The symbols are very simple, so beginners would have an easy time understanding the cards.

Pixie's Lenormand: This deck is a wonderful addition to any diviner's collection, as the art was developed by Pamela Coleman Smith, known for her art in the Rider Waite tarot. The colours are beautiful, and the art is still reminiscent of what comes to mind when thinking of tarot.

Crystal Tarot: A very unique deck, with a very beautiful and interesting use of colours. It is designed to look like stained glass, something not many other decks attempt to replicate. This deck is certainly great for those who enjoy reading Marseilles style tarot.

Zener Cards: These cards are an essential for psychic development! They make for a classically fun way with your friends to sharpen your intuition and psychic skills. All cards have a basic shape for each participant to try and intuit, which allows one to gauge their levels of psychic abilities.

El Tarot del Dios de los Tres: This is a beautiful vibrant and tattoo styled deck. If you read Marseilles you will love this deck! It calls upon imagery from a wide range of cultural practices, and uses esoteric symbolism to enhance the cards that one is not likely to find in other decks. This deck certainly is one without a second.

As always, if you see something on this list that isn't on the website, shoot us an email or ring us up and we'll get it on the way.

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