Goddess Isis Greatest Hits - Lisa's Picks

At Goddess Isis, we love our products as much as you do. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of our favorite things.

This week, we'll explore what Lisa, one of our counter workers, loves. (Sometimes we have a hard time choosing!)

Here are my 3 favorite items as of this week. It was difficult because there really are so many more.

The crystal - Tibetan quartz crystal. I’ve sold a lot of these. I also have one that I tried out and that’s what sealed the deal for me. There are great master healers as any quartz crystal is but these in particular seem to have an extra boost. They help me sleep and seem to help ease difficulties. If you sleep with them under your pillow, they help create dreams solutions. Some of the customers that have bought them from me substantiate that characteristic.

Favorite book - The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones. Great reference book especially if someone wants to start learning the properties of crystals. I actually carry it with me to and from work both at Isis and with real estate clients. I consistently bring a crystal gift to people I am meeting with to help provide clarity to the situation we are dealing with.

Favorite oil - This was difficult, but Samhain is my favorite oil and incense. I also love the coconut oil and the Aphrodite oil. Coconut takes me on vacation, Aphrodite reminds me to take care of me and Samhain is my favorite time of the year. It smells like fall leaves, cooler nights, and wood fireplaces, plus the great scent of an old fashioned paper book made with hand hewn pages.

If you are interested in a product mentioned in this article that is not on the website, give us a call at 303-761-8627.

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