Goddess Isis Greatest Hits - Hilary's Picks

At Goddess Isis, we love our products as much as you do. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of our favorite things.

This week, we'll explore what Hilary, one of our all arounders, loves.

It’s a beautiful bluish purple that helps to open your third eye chakra! It allows you to open up to awareness and communication from higher realms. This stone also aids in bringing in spiritual ideas through art by allowing you to access the creative side of your mind! A powerful stone for meditation!

Essential oils
I love using essential oils for all the healing benefits. One of my favorite things is to make my own blend. My favorite blend for just smelling wonderful is cucumber oil and blue lilac! As a Colorado girl, I always love when spring brings the lilacs… bottling and wearing it is such a treat!

Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences
This book is truly a masterpiece! It has so much information to help you create your own magic! Simply start at your intention and follow the information to help you find plants, animals, deities, stones and so much more that will help you create some amazing magical workings! I really recommend tabbing the different sections so it’s easier to get your information quickly!!

Practical Magic Oracle
This beautiful oracle deck also has a wonderful book full of explanations about the cards! Not just in reading them but how you can use them to create change through spell work, stones and meditations you can do to increase change in your life! This is a fabulous deck to use for self care!

(If you are interested in a product from this list but can't find it on our website, send us an email at custserv@isisbooks.com or give us a call at (303)761-8627.)

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