Goddess Isis Greatest Hits - Emily's Picks

At Goddess Isis, we love our products as much as you do. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of our favorite things.

This week, we'll explore what Emily, our intrepid mail order goddess, loves.

My favorite tarot book is Tarot for Your Self by Mary K. Greer. This book is an excellent resource for anybody who wants to learn tarot. In addition to providing a wealth of information, this book is also full of exercises designed to get people to actually start working with cards. In my opinion, working with the cards is the best way to learn them and build a relationship with them. Also, this book is not deck specific. It is designed to be used with any tarot deck, which is very handy.

My favorite stone is labradorite. Labradorite is a very beautiful and magickal stone. While it helps to open your third eye and aids in psychic development, it also helps protect the aura from unwanted and unhelpful energies. It is a great stone for psychic readers and spiritual teachers because it is simultaneously opening and protective. Labradorite is also a good stone for magickal practitioners because it helps with manifestation. In addition to all of its amazing properties, it is a very beautiful stone with a lot of chatoyance. You can easily get lost in a labradorite.

My favorite oil is jasmin. It smells wonderful. Wearing it helps me to feel calm and balanced, especially since I started menopause. I read somewhere that jasmin was very beneficial for balancing moods in menopausal women and from my experience that is true. If I am feeling excessively moody, irritable, or irrational, putting jasmin oil on calms me down and centers me. It creates a gentle and inviting vibe when you use it in a diffuser. It is a good oil for meditation, ritual, dream work, psychic development, and sacred sexuality practices.

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