Using the Astrological Signs of the Moon

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YOU are more than capable of creating your own rituals for your own personal needs and goals. One of the things to incorporate into your ritual writing and planning is the astrological sign of the Moon. This is important in connecting to and using the natural energies that are the strongest at each New and Full Moon.

The first thing you want to be sure you understand is the way that the energies of the moon work. Each NEW MOON begins a new cycle & is excellent for initiating projects & doing ceremony or meditation for increase & growth. The time between the New & Full Moon is known as the Waxing moon, meaning the moon is growing in size & outward strength. During this time, meditations & spells for increase can be done effectively. The FULL MOON brings power & energy to both the seed you have planted at the New Moon or to fulfill a long-term goal or desire. The time between the Full Moon & the New Moon is known as the Waning moon; meaning the moon is decreasing in size but gaining in inward strength. It is a time to go inward to receive wisdom & information & to let go of things, attitudes or people who no longer contribute to your life or are detrimental to your goals.

When you check your calendar to see when the new and full moons are, also check for the astrological sign that the moon falls in that day. That will tell you what ‘flavor' of energy the moon is expressing that day. In other words, what type of energy is the strongest and is best suited for your purposes. In general the following are the types of spells that work best for each astrological sign:

  • An ARIES new or full moon is good for spells for energy, willpower and starting new projects.
  • A TAURUS new or full moon is good for commitment, material gain and physical security.
  • A GEMINI new or full moon is good for communication, journeys, new friends and new ideas.
  • A CANCER new or full moon is good for spells to protect the home, for motherhood, psychic development and relationships.
  • A LEO new or full moon is good for animal blessings, creativity, personal authority and self-esteem.
  • A VIRGO new or full moon is good for work, health, intellectual gain and self-development.
  • A LIBRA new or full moon is good for spells to promote harmony, partnerships, beauty and artistic talents.
  • A SCORPIO new or full moon is good for occult knowledge, past lives, dream work and sexuality.
  • A SAGITTARIUS new or full moon is good for honesty, adventures, prestige and luck.
  • A CAPRICORN new or full moon is good for spells to realize professional ambitions, stability, organization and money through your efforts.
  • An AQUARIUS new or full moon is good for higher learning, teaching, originality and to make changes in your life.
  • A PISCES new or full moon is good for spells to develop your intuition, astral projection, romance and peace.

Put things into motion in such a way that your desires do not manipulate others. Everything can be done in a flowing way that does not force others to your will. Manipulating others ties your karma up with that individual & makes it very hard to make changes later if necessary. And, remember, everything you do returns to you three-fold. Some believe this means 3 times, others believe that the energy is returned to you on the physical, emotional & spiritual levels.

Magick is the use and release of focused energy; the more positive energy you put out, the more positive energy will be returned - the more negative & manipulative energy you put out, the more will be returned. Which would you prefer?

Many people as they are writing a ritual will look at different books to get ideas. Here are some you might find helpful:
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