The Wand

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Long associated with wizards and magicians, the second of the four Major Tools of magick is the Wand. Its primary use is to channel, concentrate and direct energy. You have most likely seen the Magician card in the tarot with the image of a Mage directing energy through his Wand as well as the many images of Merlin wielding this powerful tool. The Wand is a symbol of the element Air, concentration, power, healing, archetypal masculine energy, the scepter of power of the ruling Monarch, the divine phallus and the intellect.

Your wand can be made of wood, metal, crystal or glass although most traditional is wood or metal. Wands are usually 12 inches to 3 feet in length – the length is determined by you as the best length for your uses. You may purchase a wand or make one yourself. If you are purchasing a wand, you will want it to be a tool to which you are drawn – you like the style of it, the images that may be incorporated on it – you want it to be something which you associate with power. If you choose to make a wand most likely it will be one of wood. Oak, rowan, hazel, willow and ash seem to be the most popular choices, but you may choose a wood which is native to your area as well. Some people search for a branch which has blown down from a tree while others will cut a branch themselves. If you cut a branch, ask the tree for permission before cutting and leave a small gift in thanks. You will also need to dry the branch before consecrating and using it. Depending on the humidity levels in your area, this should take 2 weeks to a month. Just leave the branch to dry in an airy space protected from rain or other sources of water. In either case, find a branch of about 1 to 1½ inches in diameter which is as straight as possible and remove extraneous debris and small off-shoots from it. Smooth it to your liking with sandpaper so that it won’t catch on your skin or clothing. You may wish at this point to paint or lacquer it or wrap a crystal on the top with silver wire. You may also choose to wrap the center of your wand with leather strips for easier handling if you have chosen a longer wand.

A wand is used to concentrate, focus and direct energy. This energy can be drawn up the wand and directed out, or drawn into the top of the wand and directed down. You will direct the energy out when you are working to effect the world around you sending the power of your will forth. The energy will be drawn into the wand and directed down when you are working to bring a particular energy or effect to yourself to ground and bind it. The Wand is particularly useful in healings. You can draw the negative energy of the sickness into the bottom of the wand by placing it directly over the effected part of the body and concentrating on drawing up the unbalanced energy into the wand (think of a drinking straw), then releasing the illness into a bowl of salt or water through the top of your wand to be disposed of later. You can then draw energy down into the top of the wand from the healing power of the Sun, and, placing the top of the wand over the effected body part, directing and releasing this healing energy into the aura of your patient.

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