The Pentagram

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One of the 4 traditional magickal tools, the Pentacle is a round, flat circle with a Pentagram inscribed with a single unbroken line on its surface. Each point represents one of the Elements – the very top point represents Spirit, the top left represents Air, the top right represents Water, the bottom right represents Fire and the bottom left represents Earth. Together, they symbolize the 4 elements of the physical world being led or influenced by Spirit. Traditionally 7” in diameter, the Pentagram was called by the Pythagoreans the Pent-Alpha – meaning the first letter ‘A’ of the alphabet (the letter which represents the first emanation of spirit into matter) interlaced with all 5 elements to represent balance and life. The Pentacle represents the element Earth in magick – the grounding of the magickal energy gathered to manifest the goal of ritual. The circle shape of the Pentacle which contains the Pentagram represents the sacred circle within which we work magick with its balanced energies of the Four Quarters North/Earth, East/Air, South/Fire and West/Water. The Pentacle is thought also to represent the Stone of Fal or Destiny, the sacred stone upon which the ancient Irish kings were appointed.

The Pentacle is used to protect, charge with energy and ritually cleanse objects. To use the Pentacle for protection, you can take it to the center of your home or ritual room and hold it with the Pentagram facing outward for a few minutes in each direction (north, east, south and west) as you meditate on shielding and protecting with each element. For example, standing in the center of the room, hold the Pentacle out with both hands in front of you, meditating on the shielding and grounding powers of the element Earth saying something like “Powers of Earth, shield this place and ground any negativity which approaches here”. Then turn to the East and hold the Pentacle out while meditating on the clearing energies of Air saying something like “Powers of Air, bring clarity of thought and deed to this place.” Next, turn to the South and hold the Pentacle out while meditating on the transforming and protective energies of Fire, saying something like “Powers of Fire, burn away any negative energy and transform it into positive energy which can be used for good.” Turn to the West and hold the Pentacle out while meditating on the calming qualities of Water, saying something like, “Powers of Water, bring emotional balance, compassion and serenity to this place.” Last, hold the Pentacle down facing the earth and then bring it up in an arc to face the sky. Meditate on the balance and merging of physical and spiritual energies, saying something like “As above, so below – all is within balance and cleansed. So Mote It Be.”

To charge objects with your Pentacle, place the Pentacle flat on your altar, Pentagram side up. Set the object in the center of your Pentacle and concentrate on the energy with which you wish to fill the object. Focus and place your hands a few inches over the object on the Pentacle while directing the energy to the object. You can let it sit over night if you like or, if you feel satisfied that it is charged immediately after you have directed energy into it, you can begin to use it at that time. To cleanse objects with your Pentacle, place the Pentacle flat on your altar, Pentagram side down. Place the object in the center of the Pentacle and concentrate on the Pentacle drawing down and out of the object any imbalance or negativity. Leave the object there overnight when cleansing.

The Pentacle can be made from clay, carved or burned into wood or inscribed in metal. There are several clays available in hobby shops which can be made into a Pentacle at home. Roll the clay out flat on some wax paper and draw the Pentagram into the moist clay or roll out pencil thin lengths of clay to form a Pentagram on top of it. Press the edges of the lengths of clay gently into the flat surface and then follow the directions that come with the clay to fire it in your oven at home. If you make a Pentacle from wood, you’ll want a round piece of wood about 3/8 to ¾ inches thick that you can carve into with a sharp object (or use a miter saw if you have access to one and the skill to use it). You could also paint the Pentagram onto the surface if you like. Just be sure that the each point of the Pentagram is even on the surface and not lop-sided. It’s a good idea to lightly draw the shape onto the surface with a pencil before you start so you can make any corrections before you go to work on it. You can make the Pentacle on any day, saving the blessing of your Pentacle for another day. Or if you have an entire day to devote to it, it can be done on the same day. Traditional for the Pentacle blessing would be a Saturday, waxing moon when the astrological sign of the moon is in an earth sign – Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. The very best time would be the Capricorn new moon in December as winter is associated with the element Earth.

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