The Chalice

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The fourth of the Major Tools of Magick is the Chalice, symbolic of the creative womb of the Goddess, the regenerative Cauldron of Cerridwen and the Holy Grail of Avalon. The Chalice represents the life-giving element Water, receptor of all things deep and mysterious. In Celtic lore, the cauldron of Cerridwen was also known as the Cauldron of Inspiration and contained all knowledge, wisdom and healing. This cauldron was also a tool of transformation wherein the dead could reside for a time before being reborn anew. The Chalice is most traditionally seen in a goblet form, but any shape you like works just fine. It can be made from many materials - glass, crystal, metal, wood or ceramic. Of course, you’ll find many lovely chalices at your local metaphysical supply store, but if you are drawn to the thought of using a crystal or sterling silver chalice, check out the fine china section in a department store. If you are choosing a ceramic or metal chalice, be sure that the interior has been sealed or glazed with a non-toxic, non-reactive solution.

In ritual, the Chalice contains the purified water used to cleanse the sacred circle but it has many other uses as well. Potions and brews can be made in the Chalice and charged with its transformative strength as they steep. Fill your Chalice three quarters full of spring water and add about one teaspoon each of the appropriate herbs for the type of energy you are seeking to manifest. Stir the herbs into the water clockwise if your ritual is to influence the outside world (as in a prosperity or love ritual) or counter-clockwise if the working is to bind for protection or delve into your subconscious self (as in past life workings or development of psychic abilities). As you stir in the herbs, concentrate on the goal of your ritual by chanting, meditating or reciting a rhyming spell. You can also charge your water with the energies of various crystals and stones. Just place the stone(s) in the water and allow them to sink gently to the bottom of the chalice. Then set the chalice out in the light of the full moon for the duration of the evening, taking care to bring the chalice back inside before the first rays of the dawn sun. Bottle your charged water (being sure to mark on the bottle what its purpose is) and use it to bless talismans, jewelry, yourself....whatever needs to be physically charged with the energy. You may find that if you like to make potions regularly, you’ll want a Chalice specifically for brewing in addition to your altar Chalice.

Chalices are also excellent used as a scrying tool much in the way that a crystal ball is used. Fill your Chalice with spring water and, after grounding yourself, simply gaze onto the surface of the water while allowing your eyes to slightly unfocus. Allow your body and mind to relax completely, and you will find images beginning to appear on the surface of the water. Don’t try to follow them with your physical eyes - you are using psychic sight, not physical. If you begin to re-engage your body by trying to use your physical eyes you’ll break out of the light trance state you’ve induced in yourself and your scrying session will be over. Just go with the images that are appearing to your psychic eyes and let them tell you the story. You may also find that in addition to images you will also get mental messages as you gaze. In either case, have a journal ready at hand after your scrying session to record your impressions and the information you received. I have also found it to be effective when using a clear chalice to drop 2 or 3 drops of ink or food coloring into the water and allow my eyes to slightly unfocus while following the ink as it travels into the water. This can quickly bring images and information if you find gazing at the surface of the water frustrating. 

Your Chalice should be purified as consecrated on a Full Moon in a water sign: Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

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