Soul Mate Ritual

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First, we need to talk about some ethics.... This ritual is designed to help bring a great love to your life. It directly asks the Divine to determine who is best suited to you (and vice versa) and bring them into your life - not to break up someone else's relationship so that you can have your whim, or to bind a specific individual who you have in mind to you in love. Those types of actions are unethical because they thwart the free will of other people for your personal gain. Besides, you don't really know as clearly as the Divine who will be best suited for you - you are judging on looks, money, sexiness or whatever mundane quality and that quality is not the one that necessarily helps to create a relationship that will last for life (or many lifetimes). For this ritual, you must be ready to accept what the Divine brings you and you must be ready for REAL love in your life.

Here are the supplies you will need:

On a Friday during the waxing moon, at a time when you will not be disturbed or interrupted, gather together your supplies and set them on your altar which is covered with a deep green altar cloth. Place the 3 pink candles in the center of your altar in a triangular pattern, with the top point facing away from you. Put the vase of flowers just outside the top point of the triangle of candles and place the rose quartz stone in the middle of the candle triangle. Your incense will go to your right on the altar and your parchment and pen right in front of you on the altar. Sprinkle your rose petals randomly all over the altar.

Anoint the candles from the wick down to the bottom with the Aphrodite oil, then anoint your Third Eye and your heart with the oil. Light the candles and then your incense charcoal from one of the candle flames and place the charcoal in your incense burner. While your charcoal is igniting complete across, on your parchment paper draw a heart and inside of the heart, draw a spiral. Place some incense on the charcoal and bathe the parchment in the incense smoke imaging the parchment absorbing the love energy. Now charge the parchment by placing it above each candle flame (but not so close you ignite it!) while saying three times:

Aphrodite, Queen of Night,
Bring to me the one that's right
Aphrodite, Morning Star
Whether near or whether far

Bringer of Love, O Aphrodite
Draw my soulmate now to me
Most lovely of Goddesses, O Aphrodite,
And as I will, So Mote It Be.

Now place another drop of Aphrodite oil on your finger and seal the energy you have placed in the parchment by firmly anointing the spiral in the center of the heart with the oil. Let the candles burn all the way down then fold your rose quartz inside the parchment and place it inside your pillow case.

It can take up to a full 12 months for the Divine to locate your love and bring him or her into your life. This ritual has also been known to work within a month! Just keep the rose quartz wrapped in your parchment in your pillow case and dream of your love!


Let's add some spice to your love life with a magickal mulled wine. Get a bottle of rosé or zinfandel wine and some cheesecloth or a cotton bag for your mulling herbs which are ginger, damiana and honeysuckle blossoms. Place one tablespoon of each herb in the cheesecloth or cotton bag and put the herb mixture into a pitcher. Pour the wine over the herbs and cover the top of the pitcher with a red or orange cotton or silk cloth to aid in bringing in the romantic energy. Focus your mind on fun, adventure and newness in your relationship. Imagine that you are filling the wine and herbs with this energy and then let the mixture sit for 4 to 8 hours. You now have a magickally infused drink to serve at your next romantic dinner!. If you want to add a ruby or garnet to your mulled wine, so much the better - it will just add more focused energy. Just remember to remove it from the wine before you re-decant it back into the bottle.
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