Ritual of Empowering

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Many people have a special object or piece of jewelry which symbolizes their beliefs or represents their goals. This can sometimes be a symbol of their faith such as a Pentagram or Cross or can be a piece of jewelry which has semi-precious stones set in it for particular magickal purposes. This jewelry is often used for specific goals - protection, to draw success or love, health, etc - and should be charged or empowered to allow the piece to be utilized most effectively. You can charge or empower your jewelry in a ceremony which is simple yet very powerful.

First, you need to purify your special jewelry to remove any impurity it may have obtained before your use. Plan to do this at a time when you will not be interrupted and be sure to unplug your phone. On a small table or altar which you have covered with a white cloth, set a chalice of spring or distilled water, a white candle in a holder, a small bowl filled with sea salt, Purification incense, incense charcoal, and an incense burner. Light your candle and incense charcoal, placing a small portion of incense on the charcoal after it has ignited all the way across. Place your piece of jewelry next to the candle. Begin by closing your eyes and concentrating your attention on your breathing pattern, making your breath slow and rhythmic. Then focus on your intention for your jewelry - the purpose with which you are empowering it. In your mind's eye, see yourself achieving the goal. For example, if your purpose is protection, imagine yourself surrounded by a pale blue light; if your intention is success, see yourself happy and successful; if your goal is love, see yourself content and holding the hand of your loved one.

Now pass your jewelry through the smoke from the incense to symbolically purify it with the element of Air. Next pass it through the flame of the candle to cleanse it of all impurities with the element of Fire. Take a pinch of sea salt and sprinkle the salt into your chalice of water - imagine the water filling with light - and sprinkle this water (which symbolizes the element Water) onto your jewelry. Last sprinkle a few grains of the sea salt (the element Earth) directly onto your jewelry and see your piece glowing with light. Your jewelry is now purified.

The last step is to fill it with energy to empower it for your magickal intention. Sit down and close your eyes, holding your jewelry in your right hand. Picture a ball of white light above your head radiating brilliance in all directions. Concentrate your energy on this sphere of light. Allow its power to grow and feel its warmth. Now see a shaft of light glowing down from the sphere, slowly descending through the top of your head and into your solar plexus charging you with power and energy. Allow this light in your solar plexus to form another sphere of light. See yourself again achieving your goal and with all of your focus see the sphere of energy in your solar plexus begin to fill your entire body with power. Let the energy flow through your right arm into your hand and fill your magickal jewelry.

You have now filled your jewelry with your intention. Place it around your neck (or if it is a ring, onto your finger). Relax for a few minutes and then have a small snack to ground your energies. Wear your jewelry at all times to draw your intended goal to you.

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