Psychic Self Defense

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What defines a Psychic Attack? It is the debilitating influence on the mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual processes of an individual or group due to the conscious or unconscious negative thought or energy processes of outside forces, human or otherwise. 90% of psychic attacks are actually the result of the negative, paranoid thought processes of the individual him/herself who believes themselves to be the recipient of an attack from outside. In all cases of psychic attack, it happens because of an opening on the part of the victim.


  • uneasy feeling
  • feeling of being watched
  • fear of sleep
  • nightmares
  • clumsiness
  • ongoing run of bad luck
  • accidents
  • strange odors, noises
  • unusual depression
  • ongoing fatigue daily and a feeling of tiredness after sleep
  • declining health
  • obsessions with a person or sexual obsessions
  • materializations (poltergeists)
  • sudden obsessive interest in spirituality or drop of interest in spirituality in a person who has previously been devoted


Psychics and counselors because they are often involved with troubled people who can leave behind negative energy after a session. Ill people because the are already low energy and can be susceptible to negative energy. Well known people as others may look upon them with envy or obsessively. People involved in breakups (ie divorce, groups) because there can often be strong anger, depression and negativity activated by the breakup. Teenagers because they sometimes experiment with things they should stay away from (ouija boards for example). Beginning occultists due to their naivety and experimentation with techniques beyond their expertise. Alcoholics/drug addicts because their lifestyle leaves them open to strange people and places - their judgment can be questionable. People with strong negative emotions - fear, guilt, anger, frustration - because they are surrounding themselves with negativity and like attracts like.

Is it you or outside of yourself? Use meditation, dream analysis, pendulum or divination by an objective outsider to determine this.

  • Remember like attracts like - if you are generating negative energy, you will attract negative energy.
  • Track down negative thought patterns - these are usually based in FEAR, GUILT or ENVIOUS DESIRE. Keep a diary of when you feel these things, what/who sets them off. When you experience them, let the thoughts or emotions go, don't give them more energy. Distract yourself, analyze your thoughts and feelings for validity and change what needs to be changed, eliminate people and situations that bring them out in you.
  • Cleanse and purify yourself, your house, your car and your office.
  • Shield all of the above


Most cases are not conscious cases of attack. Usually they are unconscious, "evil eye" encounters from negative, jealous people who direct those feelings toward you but not in a deliberate fashion. These people might be what are called Psychic Vampires - you always feel tired, depressed and/or guilty after interacting with them. You may have a feeling of nausea, or a headache, a sore stomach, pains in the back of your neck or the small of your back, dizziness, mental or emotional confusion, unusual irritability. This is typically an unconscious action on the part of the Psychic Vampire. They tend to be negative, whiny, complaining people who always have something going wrong in their lives, people mad at them, don't often feel good, need to borrow money all the time, a messed up car.....and unconsciously attack others to absorb more energy. Do the above steps 1, 2 and 3. Trap negative energy that you may have brought home with you with salt and sliced lemons in a bowl. Make a bowl of salt and sliced lemons for each room of your home. Every other day bury the old salt and lemons and make a fresh batch for each room for two weeks. You can also use vinegar, garlic, onions, ammonia, mothballs, or bowls of water to soak up negative energy. Acidic elements like lemons and ammonia disperse the energy; salt grounds it.

If it is purposeful, in other words, someone is deliberately sending you negative energy or curses: Keep in mind that people who indulge in this type of time and energy wasting are sad, powerless people. They can only steal your power by stirring up fear in you. Don't give it to them. If they were truly powerful, wouldn't they be living happy, productive lives, winning the lottery and enjoying the romance of their lifetime instead of wasting your time and theirs trying to intimidate others? First step is to rid yourself of everything that they have given you if you have objects of theirs, yes, even things you like. It has their energy and even if you neutralize it, you will always think of them when you see it, thus keeping the connection.

Mirror Spell: line a box (cigar box, shoe box, the small box that your bank checks come in) with unbroken mirrors - interior sides, top and bottom. You can get these mirrors at your local hardware store. If you have an object from the negative person - business card, gift, strange object they left on your porch - put it in the box. Take the box away from your home and bury it. A crossroads is good as it dissipates energies even more quickly. As you make your box, stay concentrated and mindful on what you are doing, do not be distracted. As you place your object in the box make a statement to the effect that this is the negative energy sent to you which is now neutralized and trapped. When you bury it stay focused on letting go of the negativity and leaving it behind. If you do not have an object from person, don't worry, just keep your focus on "the person or people who wish me ill" and mentally place their energy in the box.

Neutralizing objects: Say that you have been the recipient of a strange object on your porch or automobile. For example, a doll or a grouping of feathers and cords in wax. First and foremost:

Do Not Open Yourself to Fear!! This cannot be overemphasized. Do not bring the object into your house. Leave it where it is and gather all of your stuff for a cleansing. Use a white candle for this one. Cleanse the object thoroughly. (Even before the cleansing if you'd like you can store it for a day or so in a box full of sliced lemons and salt.) You don't have to, but if you'd like you can use gloves to handle it as that can give you more psychological distance. After the object has been cleansed, take it apart carefully, stitch by stitch, feather by feather. As you do this stay focused mentally on dismantling any negativity directed your way. Place the dismantled object in a box and take it away from your house to bury it. Again, a crossroads is ideal. It is important that you stay strong psychologically. Fear is the fuel for negative energy. If you do this while in a fear state, you trip yourself up and give away your power. Humor and laughter is the antidote to negativity. Think about the person who did this with pity and humor. Don't they have anything better to do with their lives? How sad! You can enlist the help of others if it feels right, if they know what they're doing and if they are not given to drama and over reaction.


Ghosts are people who no longer have bodies. They are trapped between the physical and astral worlds through fear, guilt, anger or desire. They may have died in the house, lived in the house a long time or have intensely liked or disliked the people who lived there before you. You have the advantage - you have a physical body as well as an astral body and they have only an astral body. They cannot hurt you - only if you feed them with fear and so get distracted and clumsy to where you hurt yourself can you be harmed. You can counsel them and advise them to go; you can discover that they don't bother you and leave them alone; you can exorcise them by doing the Cleansing and Purification procedures with expelling them as your focus.

Poltergeists are constructed from excess, uncontrolled emotions. Many times houses with teenagers can have this phenomenon. They are not ghosts, just constructions of emotional energy. Set out bowls of salt and lemons to trap the energy and do a thorough Cleansing and Purification. If your teenagers are constructing them, this may be an ongoing process.

Thoughtforms are typically constructed from unpleasant events, leftover residue from beginning occultists who are not grounding their energies properly and emotions from divorcing couples. Again, trap the energy with bowls of salt and lemons, do a thorough Cleansing and Purification, change the interior of the house by rearranging the furniture, painting, cleaning carpet or replacing it, wash the walls with charged water (see recipe in Techiques).

Possession is usually a gradual progress and requires the consent of the possessed. It is insidious and they may not be totally aware of what they are agreeing to. It will seem to them that by interacting with and receiving the "gifts"(ability to write poetry, to attract sexual partners....) of the would-be possessor that they are gaining in power, ability and self understanding. At times they will appear normal looking but when the possessor is in control their facial features will change, sometimes appearing taut and luminescent, their voice will become lower and sometimes menacing, their musculature will change oftentimes producing a limp or appearance of disfigurement. They might also exude a strong odor of feces or rotting food. The entity which possesses will be in tune with the cultural & spiritual beliefs of the individual. A Christian demon will not possess a person not of that faith in other words. It is in part due to the beliefs that the person holds and gaps or weaknesses in those beliefs that the possession can take place. Occasionally a place will contain an entity that has been built up from a thoughtform which can take advantage of a weakened person. Certainly playing with occult practices without sufficient knowledge can lead to possession. The Exorcism should only be done by an experienced practitioner in good physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health according to the cultural & spiritual belief system of the individual affected.


Maintain clean energy with Cleansing and Purification of self and home.

Shield self: Ground and center self in quiet place. Unplug phone, turn off radio or tv, and do it at a time when you will not be interrupted. Begin drawing energy into yourself, fill your body with this energy and light and let the energy extend out of yourself about 18" to 4' in all directions, above and below you. See in your mind's eye the parameter of energy thicken slightly. Set it and return to your normal state of consciousness. Initially this may take 15 minutes or so if you are new to this, as you become skilled it will take a split second.

Shield and Seal house. (See the Creating Sacred Space article on the Isis website.)

Keep your emotions clear and positive as much as possible. Associate with other people in a clear, positive state as much as possible.

Make a Protection Amulet and bury it outside entrances to your home: Cut a white natural material (cotton, silk etc) into a 4" square. Place in the center of the material a mixture of: Frankincense, salt, white sandalwood, sage, cayenne, lemon peel or oil, hyssop and rue. Tie it up and bury it. You can also make a Protection Amulet to keep in the glove box of your car.

Charged Water - Place spring water or undistilled bottled water into gallon jug. Add ½ cup of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or ammonia, and 4 pinches of salt to the water and let sit out in sun from sunrise to sunset. You may elect to add herbs such as rue, hyssop, sage, basil as well. Use this to wash down walls and sprinkle on carpet; use in your Cleansing and Purifications; keep in a glass by your bed to absorb energy or add to a Purification Bath for yourself.

Purification Bath: Draw water into bathtub. Add Charged Water or 4 pinches Seasalt and/or the above herbs. Begin by immersing yourself from the top of your head to your toes. Lay comfortably in the bath and as you soak imagine all stress, imbalance and negativity being drawn from both your physical body and your aura into the water. Stay focused mentally on the purpose of your bath and recite a prayer or invocation of purification and protection. When you are ready, unstop the tub but remain in the bath and imagine all negativity and imbalance draining out of the tub, away from you along with the bath water. You may continue by:

Cleansing of Self: After your Purification Bath, light an incense charcoal, place it in an incense burner, put incense on the charcoal and place the burner on the floor in a spot which will allow you to move around. Let the smoke billow up and physically step over the burner several times, back and forth as you focus on cleansing your aura with the incense. If there is a spot where you feel you have a "hook" cense this area thoroughly with the smoke and mentally send energy there to seal it up. Put the incense burner back on the counter and light a white candle. Place it on the floor and repeat the procedure, being careful not to burn yourself. Again, if you feel a "hook" cauterize the area in your aura with the flame of the candle and mentally seal it. If you have someone who you would like to cense and cauterize you this is fine as long as they know what they are doing.

Dispose discretely of any hair and nail clippings or cigarette butts. Wipe off utensils and the edge of your drinking glass to rid them of saliva when in public places. If you feel someone is sending you negativity, first draw your writing arm down across your body to break the contact. Cross your arms over your solar plexus (stomach) and cross your ankles. Do a shielding.

Sleep: put a glass of water above your bed or on a nightstand by your bed to absorb energy. You can add salt, lemon juice or a camphor mothball for further dissipation of energy. Do not drink or water plants with this water! Sprinkle sea salt on your mattress under the fitted sheet to ground you and absorb energy. This is particularly important if you sleep on a waterbed. You can also place a circle of salt around your bed to shield it.

Egg: eggs absorb energy. You can rub one on your body to absorb negativity; set one by the bed to absorb energy; put one in each room to absorb energy or bury one outside front door as protection. After one week, bury the egg in the first 3 uses. Do not eat it.

If you practice magick, be sure you are casting your circle without breaks; always end where you started. Don't let fearful, mentally/emotionally unbalanced people or negative people work with you in Circle.

Be aware of the energies of any group you work with, particularly spiritual groups.

Develop a relationship with a protective Godform (Sekhmet, Jesus, Ra.....) to whom you are attracted. Set up an altar with objects which honor them, acknowledge them in meditations & prayers. Wear a piece of jewelry dedicated to them.

Avoid the use of ouija boards unless you know what you are doing.

If you are working to become psychically sensitive, to channel or are opening your psychic centers, be very focused, work in a circle of light or salt. If you make a contact be aware of strange orders or requests; as you open to the energies state aloud that you only work with beings of Light.

After magick, psychic work or meditation be sure that you ground by 1) deliberately linking your aura with the earth 2) eating a light meal 3) using a "closing sign" - a procedure of using a physical movement which signals your aura to close down ie stamping foot, clapping hands, placing hands on ground, moving writing arm in downward motion across body.

Stones to wear or carry:

Oils to wear:

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