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In many other cultures spontaneous past life recall is common. This generally falls into 4 types: VERBAL recall of names, places, events and/or dates; IMAGED recognition of people and places that you've seen in a past life; BEHAVIORAL personality traits, skills and interests you've possessed before and PHYSICAL birth marks and a similarity to a deceased person can occur. These spontaneous recalls tend to be between the years of 2-5 and can involve the memory of a sudden death or a phobia due to violent death such as fire or drowning.

A couple of people who recalled past lives and wrote about it are:

  • DOROTHY EADY In 1907 at 3 yrs old she fell, hit her head, was pronounced dead but subsequently was revived. From that time forward she had dreams of an Egyptian temple and garden in great detail. She learned that she had lived in ancient Egypt as a lover of Sety the First, 3000 yrs ago. She had been a virgin priestess in the temple, had the affair with Sety and became pregnant. At this she committed suicide. In this current life she moved to Arabet Abydos in Egypt and worked on the excavation of Sety the First's temple. She was instrumental in helping them uncover and locate artifacts and architecture that she could not have known if she had not lived there before.
  • BRIDEY MURPHY was a housewife in Pueblo who in 1952 was regressed through hypnosis to her life as Bridey Murphy in County Cork Ireland 1798-1864. The records of this life were found which substantiated the history of this life.

Many people have found that PAST LIFE THERAPY has given them insight into what seemed to be unfounded fears and phobias when no other type of therapy was of help. As of 1982 of the 18,463 patients were successfully regressed by various therapists 94% were helped with fears, physical ailments, an understanding of karmic ties being experienced in this lifetimes which improved their relationships with loved ones.

There are many TECHNIQUES designed to help you remember your past lives.
  • One method is DREAM Past Life Recall. For this you obviously must be able to remember dreams (zinc can be helpful for dream recall - 5mg daily). You can simply concentrate on the idea of remembering a life or can "program" a dream, using images, scents, foods, names or any other snippets of information you have from spontaneous memory experiences. You'll need to keep a notebook by the bed and may want to set your alarm to wake you during REM sleep, when dreams will be freshest. Dream work seems to progress particularly well when the moon is in Pisces and Scorpio.
  • Another method that works well is the MIRROR Technique. In a dark room sit in front of a large mirror with a candle or low light behind you, obscured by your body, not reflecting in the mirror. Look into your eyes in the mirror and then unfocus them. Keeping your eyes locked into the mirror eyes, but unfocused, watch your face change, your hair change, perhaps even your clothing change. As these changes occur, keep your eyes unfocused and pay attention to any information you get in your mind - names, places, times, events. Do this for no longer than 15 minutes per session and be sure to write down the information you received and descriptions of the different faces in your Past Lives Notebook.
  • Some people use tapes to allow themselves to experience SELF HYPNOSIS to retrieve the information and you can also employ a hypnotist to aid your regression and give you confidence. You can also set up a group regression with friends to help find past connections with people you care about now. Regardless of the technique you choose you will need quiet and calm in a space where you won't be interrupted so unplug the phone. You may want to use music to help time your regression and block out extraneous noise from outside. Be sure to have a notebook ready to record your experiences, eat lightly or nothing before and wrap yourself before you begin in a light blanket as the body tends to lose a couple of degrees when you are doing this type of work. The first time if you are using a self-hypnosis technique, you may want to invite a sympathetic friend to keep a watch over you, in case you have a past life recollection which is difficult.

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