New Job or Home Ritual

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At the beginning of each new year, we often set goals to attain a new and positive direction in our lives. With the Sun in Capricorn as the year turns, now would be a great time to set some of your goals into action. Two of the main goals that people have are to attain a new job or to buy a home. Here's a ritual that you can use for either goal:

This ritual is best performed on a Sunday or Thursday during a waxing moon. Choose a time on when you will not be interrupted - unplug the phone, put the pets away if they tend to disturb you when you are doing energy work, take your ritual bath and gather your tools for your ritual. You will need 3 green candles, a green stone (emerald, aventurine or jade are some choices), Employment or Home Blessing incense (depending on which focus you are using) and incense charcoal; Employment or Home Blessing oil to anoint your candles, parchment, green feather quill and Dragon's Blood Ink, a green mojo bag and a small green or gold plate which will be placed in the center of your altar. Cast your circle in your usual way then anoint your green candles with your ritual oil, from the wick down to the bottom of the candle while visualizing (seeing in your mind's eye) the result you want. If you are focusing on a job, see yourself receiving a paycheck or walking down a hallway being greeted by friendly co-workers. If you are focusing on a home, see yourself opening the door to your home feeling happy and satisfied, or cooking a fine meal in your new kitchen. Light the candles and then from the flame of the middle candle, light the incense charcoal. Let it ignite all the way and place it in your incense burner*. Place a small amount of incense on the charcoal and imagine that you see your new job or new home in the smoke of the incense. Now on a piece of parchment, draw a simple image of your business card or of a house with your green quill and Dragon's Blood ink*. Place the parchment onto the plate in the center of your altar, image side up where you can see it. Pick up your green stone and holding it in your hands, fingers cupped over it, again visualize your desire. With each breath, see your desire more clearly and blow this energy image into the stone in your cupped hands. After you have filled the stone with energy, hold it briefly in the flame of each candle and over the incense smoke. Place the charged stone in the center of your parchment image and pour a small amount of ritual oil over it. Breathe quietly for a few moments, keeping your concentration on your goal in a gentle but intense fashion. Now place the stone in the green mojo bag and sprinkle some of your incense over it in the bag. Set the bag down and from the center candle flame, light one end of your parchment. Let the flame get going and then set the parchment down on the small green or gold plate on your altar. Once it has burned into ash, let it cool, then add the ashes to your green mojo bag. Extinguish your candles and use them later if you wish to recharge your mojo bag or charge up some copies of your resume to take on job interviews or financial statements that you will turn into your banker for a home loan. Take your power bag with you for each job interview or home viewing. When you are looking in the paper for prospective jobs or houses, keep the bag right by you or when you are making phone calls to set up interviews, hold the bag as you talk on the phone. Happy hunting!

* INCENSE CHARCOAL: It is always a good idea to use an insulating material in your burner because the charcoals get very hot! Fill the burner up half way with an insulating material like sand, potting soil or kitty litter and flatten the surface so the charcoal will lay flat. Holding the charcoal between two fingers, light one end and let it spark completely across. When the sparks are almost at your fingers, place the charcoal, divot side up, on the sand. Do not smother the charcoal with incense - put a pinch on at a time. A charcoal can burn for several hours, so once you have finished your ritual, just leave the charcoal safely in the incense burner and dispose of the ashes the next day. Be sure that you close off the room so that small children or animals don't knock it over and start a fire.

* FEATHER QUILL: Be sure that you have prepared your quill beforehand by cutting the end into a point so that you can gather the ink into it. You may want to practice writing with your quill before your ritual so that you know how much ink to gather in it and to be sure that the point is the right shape (there's nothing more frustrating than finding in the middle of a ritual that something is not working the way you expected!).

* DRAGON'S BLOOD INK: This particular type of ink is used when you are adding power to words of power or drawn images that you are inscribing on parchment for a ritual.

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