New Beginning Ritual

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When we want to make changes and new beginnings in our lives we often must first make room for the new changes by releasing old habits, people or ways in which we currently use our energies which are no longer working for us. This can be in any area of your life, so before doing this ritual, first begin by looking at the person, job or lifestyle that you feel is hampering your efforts. Decide what you need to release to allow change and new thoughts and attitudes to have room to root and grow in your life. Next determine where you want to grow or change: spiritually, monetarily, emotionally, physically or intellectually. Once you know where you need to let go and what you wish to change about your life, you will be ready to do the ritual.

The supplies you will need for this spell are a piece of parchment, Dragon's Blood ink and green quill, black silk or cotton cord about 3" or 4" long (NOT polyester), a small box (like a match box), a purple candle, Uranus incense and oil1, and an object which will represent the new you. This object can be a piece of jewelry with clear quartz or aqua aura set in it or a small, lovely art object that you feel sums up the changes that you will make. If you use an art object, you will later set this in a prominent place in your home after the ritual, so that you can see it every day to reinforce your changes or if you have chosen a piece of jewelry, you will wear it every day after you have charged it in your ritual.

On an evening when you will not be disturbed, arrange your altar with your candle at the left top edge, your incense burner at the right top edge, your ink, quill and parchment at the right bottom edge and your jewelry or art object at the left bottom edge, leaving the center for the cord and box. For the moment just lay the cord coiled in the center of your altar. Cast your circle and light your incense. Anoint your candle with your Uranus oil from the bottom of the candle to the wick, light it and then place some Uranus incense on the lit charcoal in your burner. In the center the piece of parchment, draw with your ink and quill a symbol that represents the thing that you are releasing from your life that has been holding it back. If this is a person you can draw their astrological sign or initials, for example. If it is your employment, draw the logo of the company or their initials, if it is a bad habit draw a simple image which represents this lifestyle choice which has gotten in your way. Next around this symbol, draw a square which represents the limitations that this has set on you. Set this parchment/sigil in the center of your altar. Pick up the black cord and knot the two cut ends together, concentrating on the problems or limitations that you have encountered with this person/job/lifestyle, placing the energy of the problem in the knot. Lay the cord in a circle around the parchment in the center of your altar. For a few moments, continue to focus on the problem, while you begin to also become aware of your breathing. Each time you exhale, imagine yourself exhaling the hold that this problem has on you. Feel yourself becoming lighter and more relaxed. After each exhalation, say "I release you". Work on this release for about 3 minutes, or until you feel very relaxed and light. Next pick up your cord and carefully hold the knot in the flame of the candle, igniting the knot and burning away the problem. Set the remainder of the cord in the box. Next, holding the parchment by the very edge, ignite it with the candle flame. Let it burn toward your fingers and go out. If it burns dramatically2, you can blow on it lightly to control the flame and blow it out while concentrating on release. Place any unburned parchment in the box with the burned cord and put the box to the side. When you have finished with this part of the ritual, relax for a few moments, enjoying the release and lightness.

Now take in your hands the piece of jewelry or art object, concentrating again on your breathing and what you are bringing into your life. With each inhalation, breathe in energy, motivation and optimism. As you exhale, breathe on the jewelry or object, filling and charging it with this new, exciting change. After you have filled it, set the energies by anointing it with your oil, then hold it in the smoke of your incense and place it next to the candle. Leave the candle to burn down all the way 2 and go outside to dig a hole to bury the box with the parchment ashes and cord.

The next morning, take the jewelry from the altar and go to a mirror. Watch yourself adorn yourself with the jewelry, focusing on the changes it represents. If you have chosen an object, take it up from the altar and place it in a place in your home where it will be prominent, being mindful of the changes it represents.

1 - You are using Uranus oil because Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius, astrological sign of change, originality, and transformation.
2 - In this ritual, you are literally 'playing with fire', so BE CAREFUL. You may wish to also have a plate on your altar to set the burning parchment down on in case you get nervous. That way you can let it continue to burn without burning your fingers. Also since you are letting the candle burn all the way down, which will take several hours, your altar needs to be set up in a room that is closed off to all children and pets. You do not want to set your altar up near curtains or other flammable things. Your jewelry or object is going to be on the altar next to the candle and you don't want it covered with melted wax in the morning. Be sure that the candle holder you choose has a bottom which can contain melted wax and you may wish to place your jewelry or object in a small container set next to the candle just to be safe.

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