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This month we feature a Health Philtre (a magickally charged herbal infusion) which you can use now for any health issues or save for use later when the need arises. A Philtre is an herbal infusion which has been charged by the energies of the Sun or the Moon. For the creation of this Health Philtre, gather together these herbs: Lavender, Horehound, Calendula, Red Sandalwood, Jasmin flowers, Rose petals and Pine needles. At sunrise, place approximately 1 tablespoon of each of these herbs into a deep Chalice or Cauldron. As you place each herb in your chalice or cauldron, focus on the healing properties which each one brings to your philtre:

Lavender for clear thought and freedom from stress;
Horehound for eloquent language and a healthy throat;
Calendula for the intake of vital force and energy;
Red Sandalwood for vitality and strength;
Jasmin for tranquility and peaceful dreams,
Rose petals for a healthy heart and sustained friendships and last,
Pine needles for purity and immunity.

When you have placed all of the herbs together, stir them 3 times, clockwise. Next, pour your spring water over the herbs, focusing on the blending of these energies into a synergistic, balanced whole. Place the philtre mixture in the sun and let the herbs steep together under the rays of the sun and the moon for a 24 hour period. The next day at sunrise, strain the herbs out of the spring water (bury the spent herbs in your yard or in the woods) and pour the philtre into a bottle that has a cap. Keep the philtre in the refrigerator and add 1 tablespoon of it to a cup of herbal tea at any time that you feel fatigued or that you suspect that you are getting sick.

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