Evoking the Goddess

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When working with Goddess energy, it is always a good idea to consult various sources to determine which Goddess is ‘in charge’ of the energies of the ritual which you are planning to pursue. While the Goddess is quite rightly known as ‘The Goddess of One Thousand Names’, you will find that some specific aspects of a particular Goddess energy will be more aligned with the type of working you are planning. Your ritual will work more quickly and efficiently if you directly align your energies and that of your ritual with the aspect which works specifically with the goals of your ceremony. Just as you are known by many monikers - Ms. Smith at work, Mom at home, Sweetheart to your life partner - aspects of the Goddess are also addressed by different names according to the way that the Goddess energy most easily manifests itself within each setting. Below you will find a listing of various ‘flavors’ of energy and the Goddesses best addressed for that specific type of energy. Here is a key to the abbreviations for the cultures which originally used the various names:

Key: Am(Native America) Af(rica), Aus(stralia), Cel(tic), Ch(ina), E(gypt), Es(kimo), Gno(stic), Gr(eek), Ha(iwaii) I(ndia), J(apan), Mes(opotamia), Mex(ico), N(orse), Pho(enicia), Pol(ynesia), R(ome), Sum(eria), V(oudoun), X(Christian)

CREATION - Goddesses evoked to aid in the creation of new projects and goals: Gaia (Gr) Nzambi (J) Coatlicue (Mex) Ayida Wedo (V) Inari (J) Rhea (Gr) Fjorgynn (N) Nerthus (N) Heket (E) Nut (E) Aruru (Sum) Asherat (Ph) Nitya, Maha Kali (I) Izanami (J) Sussitanaho (Am) Huruing Wuhti (Am) Imberombera (Aus) Ninkhursag (Sum) Tiamat(Sum) Fakahotou(Pol) Haumea(Ha)

BIRTH - Goddesses evoked to aid in the manifestation of ideas, goals, protection of children and fertility: Isis (E) Demeter (Gr) Mary (X) Ala (Af) Mawu (Af) Putaunegak (Es) Kwan Yin (Ch) PiHsiaYuanChun (Ch) Puchan (I) Sati (I) Ganga (I) Mammitu (Mes) Danu (Cel) Brigit (Cel) Maia (R) Meskhint (E)

HEALTH - Goddesses evoked for healing, vitality and physical energy: Aetna (R) Angitia (Ital) Argante (C) Bast(E) Changing Woman (NA) Sulis (R) Coventina (C) Brigid (C) Neith (E) Eir (N) Kami Musumi (J) SungTzeNiang (Ch)

INSPIRATION - Goddesses evoked for artistic expression inspiration: Ixzaluoh(Mex) Cerridwen (Cel) Neith(E) Seshat(E) Athena(Gr) Shekinah(Heb) Sophia(Gno) Pasowee(Am) KwanYin(Ch) Ixchel (Mex) The Muses (Gr)

LOVE/SEX - Goddesses evoked to aid in relationships, marriage and romance: Pele(Ha) Sheila na Gig (Cel) Huitaca(Col) Erzuli Freda(V) Bast (E) Aphrodite(Gr) Inanna(Mes) Ishtar(Sum) Shakti (I) Chalchihuitlicue (Mex) Lakshmi (I) Freya (N) MahuiIke (Pol)

PROSPERITY - Goddesses evoked to aid in prosperity, abundance and luck: AccaLarentia (R) Habondia (R) Anapurna (I) Anu (Cel) Athana Lindia (Meso) Ceres(R) Copia (R) Bahu(I) Nortia(R) Lakshmi (I)

PROTECTION - Goddesses evoked to protect and bring justice: Agasaya (Meso) Sekhmet (E) Aife (Cel) Anahita (Gr) Badb(Cel) Maat(E) Athena (Gr) Belit-Seri(Meso) Astrea (Gr) Carmenta (R) Egeria (R) Nanshe(Meso) Themis (Gr) Caksusi (I) Kike(Gr) Nemisis (Gr) Nahmauit (E)

PSYCHIC ABILITY - Goddesses evoked to aid in development of intuition, dreamwork and the use of psychic tools: Airmed (Cel) Angerboda (N) Nephthys (E) Cerridwen (Cel) Aricia (R) Ban Noaomha (Cel) Buan(Cel) AnnaPerrena (R) Nina(Meso) Pythia (Gr) Shaushka(Meso) Tlazolteotl(Mex)

DEATH - Goddesses evoked to aid in death, loss and transitions:
Kali Uma (I) Erishkigal (Sum) Hecate (Gr) Morrigan (Cel) Tara(I) Ala(Af) Mawu (Af) Maman Brigitte(V) Libitina (R) Medb(Cel) Hel(N) Amenti (E) Hina (Pol) Hikuleo (Ha) Nepthys (E) Belit Sheri (Mes) Izanami (J)

This is not intended to be a definitive guide to Goddess names and energies (there are just too many of them!). This guide is intended to get you started on your discovery of Goddess energy.

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