Composition of Ritual Oils

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THE COMPOSITION OF RITUAL OILS is relatively simple once you know your planetary and energy correspondences. Ritual oils are made of natural essential oils and are often diluted with a neutral carrier oil such as Sweet Almond oil so that they can be worn on the skin as well as used in anointing your candles, talismans and such. Essential oils are the oils collected from freshly harvested herbs, flowers, resins and roots and are extremely concentrated and strong. If you do plan to wear them on the skin, do some research first to make sure that the oils you plan to blend won't harm the skin. Cinnamon oil, for example, burns the majority of people who place it on their skin. You'll want to use it very sparingly in a blend and be sure to dilute the blend to prevent blistering.

When making a ritual oil, be aware of the moon phase, the magickal day, the planetary affinities of the oils (they will be the same as the herb's affinities), and whether it is compatible with the skin. You can find information about moon phase, magickal day and planetary correspondences of herbs and oils in articles previously distributed on the Isis Books and Gifts website.

The general rule is to combine the essential oils 3 drops of each at a time, then smell the combination with each addition to make sure it still smells pleasant. The spicy oils (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove) should be added just 1 drop at a time, for they quickly overpower any other scent. It is also a good idea when using a spicy oil to plan to dilute the entire combination by at least 75% carrier oil to be sure you don't raise a blister.

When diluting the oil be aware of the element to which your final product is attributed. Water energy and Earth energy oils should be diluted with Sweet Almond oil. Fire energy and Air energy oils should be diluted with Safflower oil. For example, a Love oil falls under the element of Water because it deals with emotions and would be diluted with Sweet Almond oil. A Mercury oil falls under the element of Air because Mercury is traditionally ruled by Air and would be diluted with Safflower oil.

Ritual oils are very versatile. They can be used to anoint the magickal tools, to charge amulets and talismans, to dress and dedicate candles, to anoint the different Chakras for activation and balance, and can be worn on the body to influence events in the immediate vicinity (a love oil worn on a date for example, or an employment oil on a job interview).

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