Cleansing and Purification Ritual

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The following is a simple yet effective ceremony for the cleansing and purification of a home, sacred space or an object such as Tarot cards. Recommended books for further reading below.

Supplies Representing the Four Elements:

Here are the supplies you will need:

Begin by setting up a small altar with the above supplies. This can be a coffee table, end table, kitchen table - it doesn't matter. Take up a small pinch of salt and meditate briefly on the positive qualities of EARTH (stability, grounding).

Place 4 pinches of salt into the spring water and meditate on the positive qualities of WATER (calming, emotional clearing, psychic awareness).

Light the charcoal and place it in your incense burner. It is recommended that you insulate your burner with kitty litter or sand as you will be handling the burner. Let the charcoal light all the way across and place a small amount of incense (frankincense is a good all-around incense/a mixture of frankincense and white sandalwood is very uplifting/a blend called Purification is also very good) on your charcoal. As substitute for incense and charcoal you may prefer a sage smudge stick as a purifier from the Native American tradition. As the smoke curls up meditate on the positive qualities of AIR (mental clarity, alertness).

Place your candle in a holder and light it. Gaze at the flame and meditate on the positive qualities of FIRE (purifying, transforming).

Proceed now to cleanse the space or object.


State your intention of cleansing and blessing your home, temple, or room. You may wish to invoke the powers of whatever God(s), Godess(es) or other Divine beings you work with to assist you in your endeavor.

Begin by taking up the lit candle and moving to your front door if doing your entire house or to the door of the particular room you are concentrating on. Meditate on the purifying and transformative quality of FIRE and begin to move clockwise from the door around the inside perimeter of the house, moving room to room in a clockwise fashion. As you move visualize the flame and the element of FIRE transforming and purifying any negative energy in positive and life affirming. When you reach stairways whether up or down, proceed to that floor and again move in a clockwise manner. Continue to move clockwise through the home until you again return to your front door. Return the candle to the table or altar.

Now proceed in the same manner beginning at the front door with the burning incense. Meditate now on the positive qualities of AIR, mental clarity, alertness and clear communication, as you move clockwise through the home. As the incense smoke rises, envision the powers of AIR penetrating every nook and cranny of you home. Complete your circumambulation with the incense. Return the incense to the altar

Take the bowl or chalice of water which has been combined with salt. Move again to the front door. Sprinkle the water-salt mixture lightly while meditating on the positive qualities of the elements of Earth (stability, grounding, prosperity) and Water (serenity, emotional balance, psychic awareness.) Proceed again in a clockwise manner throughout the premises until you return again to the front door.

Your home has now been cleansed and balanced through the use of the Four Elements. You may wish to further protect your home by psychically tracing a protective sigil (pentagram, cross, six-pointed star depending on your beliefs) at any openings like doors or windows. You may meditate on the idea that any energy that enters your home will be transformed through the sigil into a positive force within your space. You may also wish to invoke the presence of a certain God, Goddess or Angel to dwell within your space.


State your objective of purifying and cleansing the object. Sprinkle the object with the water-salt mixture while meditating on the positive qualities of Earth and Water. For Tarot cards, sprinkle your cards lightly, fanning them out, with the salted water - again meditating on the qualities of Earth and Water. Now hold them in the incense smoke, meditating on the qualities of Air. Hold the above the heat of the candle flame (not the flame itself) and meditate on the qualities of Fire.

You will want to repeat the process with the box or material that you plan to store your cards in. Now your cards are cleared of all imbalanced energy and are ready to be used by you and filled with your energy.
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