Astral Projection

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The idea that each human has an astral body capable of separating from the physical body and journeying through time, space & dimension is an old one. Hindu writings describe the 8 Siddhis (magickal powers) obtained thru Yoga - one of them is Astral Projection. These beliefs are contained in Tibetan Buddhism and are an integral function in shamanic practice world wide. In the Catholic Church this technique is called 'bilocation' & there are many accounts of saints employing this method to be seen in 2 places at once.

The word 'astral' comes from the Latin astrum (star) indicating that we are employing our light or star bodies in this type of travel. As humans we have more than just the physical and astral bodies. In fact we have many different bodies known as 'subtle bodies' - the etheric body shows health, is what most auric readers see; the astral body to which astral consciousness is projected; the mental body used for pathworkings and the spiritual body which is the essence of the person.

The question may be "why do you even want to do it?" One reason is to have direct experience of the astral realm in order to know beyond any doubt of the levels of existence; You may also wish to simply travel for knowledge - here on our planet, through the veils of time to review history or see past lives; Another reason may be for healing of the astral body to facilitate healing that is occuring with the physical body; Or you may astral travel for magickal practice, for the astral realms are those of Yesod, the sphere of Foundation where all magick commences; Or you may wish to practice the death experience in order to lose fear of this change in level of existence.

There are basically 3 types of astral projection:

  • Mental projection: mentally exploring the astral plane; seeing and intellectualizing experience. Used in pathworkings and ritual magick frequently.
  • Astral Projection: astral body moves a distance from physical and accurately reports what is seen on physical, experience directly in astral; no restriction of distance; particularly good for absent healing.
  • Etheric Projection: etheric substance is projected from the body, can be seen by others, weighed; use to shield & feel energy; auric healing; mediumship.

  • Some of the indications of astral travel are a feeling of floating, seeing things from another angle for instance seeing the area from above; seeing an area tinged with violet light; feeling an imbalance in body - the limbs feel very small or very large in comparison to the rest of body for example; becoming aware of radiance from objects in the room; perceiving the astral cord; seeing your physical body in the room yet your consciousness is elsewhere as well as a sensation of cold.

    The Astral Level is close to what you are used to in the physical level, in fact it intersects the physical realm. Do you occasionally "see" things out of the corner of your eyes, with your peripheral vision? This can be your unconscious realization of the astral as it "bumps" against what you know as physical reality. The Astral Level is the realm of emotions - when you experience strong emotions, either positive or negative, you sometimes create a form of those emotions on the astral level. This is why when you go into a house or place where something that has occurred which throws off a strong emotional pattern such as a murder you can feel energy present there. The emotional pattern originally created has a form on the astral level. This level also has its own inhabitants who reside on the astral - it's their natural place just as the physical level is the natural location for you & the other inhabitants of this world. How can you tell when you are on the Astral if you are experiencing this place? Some of the indications are that you tend to see a radiance or aura surrounding objects there, you can float or fly or fly at will and can create objects through the use of your own imagination or will. Simply think in a focused manner and it's done. Can you change what you are seeing or when you imagine or will something to change shape does it remain the same? If so, it is a natural inhabitant of this realm.

    If Astral Projection is something you'd like to experiment with you'll need a quiet place where you will not be interrupted so unplug your phone, wrap yourself in a light blanket for warmth as the body's systems slow down and many people realize that their body is cold when they come back to it, eat only lightly if at all prior to your experiment so you don't inadvertantly ground yourself in your body. You can use music to time your journey - you'll be aware on a subtle level of your body and its surroundings - as you begin your journey note to yourself that when the music clicks off that that is your signal to return. In spite of all the stories there is generally no worry about returning to your physical body - the physical level is your natural level of existence. In fact, you'll find that if you are interrupted by someone or a sudden noise or danger, you'll automatically return to your body without any conscious thought. A sudden return can bring on a headache, however. Protect your physical body while you're gone by being in a warm, comfortable place and be sure to ground yourself with breathing exercises and perhaps some light food when your return.

    Some common Techniques for achieving astral projection are:

    Imagine levitating. Feel your body getting lighter and lighter and try to see your body lying comfortably from above. Using a large mirror, view yourself and your surroundings. Then mentally visualize what you've just seen with your physical eyes especially your face. At this point transfer your point of view to the mirror as if you were seeing yourself from that location. With your eyes closed try to see the room from different angles. Sit comfortably, relaxed. Close your eyes and visualize yourself, see thru those visualized eyes. Look around room, begin walking around it examining objects. Return to your body, stand behind your head and reabsorb your astral energy back into your physical body. Do it again, focusing on the nape of your neck then project a ball of light from your throat while concentrating. You may feel an imbalance as if your body is tilting, perhaps waves of energy up & down your body - don't concentrate on these sensations just center yourself within the vibrations and step mentally from your body. Sit or lie comfortably, relaxed. Close your eyes and concentrate on your slow, rhythmic breath. Slow your breath both inhalations and exhalations while you imagine a scene in which you are walking (on a beach for example or on a mountain path). As your focus hardens begin to climb up the area and see a gateway ahead and a figure standing on other side. Become the figure on other side. Slowly get used to the new body - don't run around at first. Gain control of your energy in the figure.

    Follow the above instructions then look at your physical body with your astral eyes. Observe your breathing patterns and make them as slow and relaxed as possible. Visualize a link between the solar plexus of your physical body and that of the astral figure . You'll probably find that your breath becomes slightly irregular, ignore this and transfer your breathing to the astral figure.


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