Gods and Goddesses of Egypt

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For thousands of years and through many Dynastic influences, Egypt was the dominant cultural and religious influence in the Middle East. Our imaginations and hearts are still stirred by the images and wisdom that were developed in Egypt. Here is a listing of the most popular Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The names that we know them by here in the West are primarily the Greek versions of the original Egyptian names. The Egyptian God/Goddess name is in parentheses.

ISIS (AU SET, AST) Goddess of magick, infinite knowledge, spiritual wisdom, protection, children and fertility. Some of Her symbols include the Moon, the Throne, Cobalt blue (the color of wisdom, protection and magick) red (color of fertility and life). Her stones are Azurite and Lapis.

OSIRIS (ASAR) God who gives blessing to the priesthood, He represents stability, regeneration and evolution. The element Earth is His and His symbols are the Crook and Flail. His color is Green and Sycamore Wood is the substance which embodies His energies.

THOTH (TEHUTI) God of medicine, mathematics, writing and inner knowledge, Tehuti corresponds to the Greek God, Mercury. The Caduceus (staff intertwined with Snakes, symbol of healing) is His. His color is Yellow and His stone is Carnelian. His animals are the Ibis and the Baboon.

HORUS (HERU) Son of Isis and Osiris, Heru is the God of healing, art, music and protection. He corresponds to the Roman God Jupiter, and the energies of the Sun are His. His animal is the Hawk, His color is Sky blue, and His stones are turquoise, lapis and carnelian.

RA (RE) God of overcoming enemies, lifeforce, vitality, Re also corresponds to the life giving qualities of the Sun. His symbol is the Sundisk with Cobra, His color is Orange, His animal is the Hawk and His stones are jasper and lapis.

BAST Beautiful cat Goddess of music, dance, marriage, Bast is also the protectress of animals. She corresponds to the Roman Goddess Venus. Her symbols include the Sistrum and the Drum. Her color is Green, Her animal is the Lynx and Green Feldspar is her stone.

PTAH is the creator of the universe, science, invention and manual building skills. His energies correspond to the planet of Uranus (planet of invention, innovation and transformation) His symbols are the tools of the Mason. His color is White and clay represents Him perfectly.

HATHOR (HET HERET) is the nourisher and caregiver. She embodies strength and gentle power. She is the Goddess of astrology and like Bast corresponds to the energies of Venus. Her symbol is the Mirror, the Cow is Her animal, Pink and Green are Her colors and Malachite is Her stone.

ANUBIS (ANPU) is the guide of the soul and the messenger between the underworld and this world. He is the God of surgery and protects the traveler. Pluto is the planet of Anubis, the Sarcophagus is his symbol, Hematite is His stone and the Jackal is His animal.

NEPHTHYS (NEBET HET) is Isis' twin sister, Nebet Het is the Goddess of the underworld, of intuition and of the initiation mysteries. Her energies correspond to the mysterious planet Neptune, the Chalice is Her symbol, Blue-green is her Color and Her stone is the blue/green mix of azurite/malachite.

SEKHMET is the Goddess of avenging force and justice. Her energies mirror those of the planet Mars. She is depicted with a woman’s body and a Lion's head with a sundisk. Red is Her color and red jasper is Her Stone.

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