Egyptian Tools of Magick

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In a previous article, we explored the use of amulets and talismans in Egyptian magick. In the earliest magicks, these would have been prepared by an Egyptian priest or priestess, but as time went on, individuals schooled in magickal technique in the House of Life (Per Anhk) would be commissioned to make a specific amulet or talisman for a client. Eventually over time, the creation of an amulet or talisman became so common place that people from all walks of life would make their own. The tools that we’ll focus on for this article are all tools used primarily by the Pharaohs and Priesthood:

The ADZ was a tool used in the Opening of the Mouth ceremony by the priesthood at the mummification. It is a staff topped by a ‘U’ shape extending over one side of the staff. By reciting the proper prayers and touching the mummy’s mouth with the Adz, the prayers were transferred to the mummy so that he or she could recite them correctly after passing over. The Adz was also used in initiation ceremonies to transfer wisdom and power to the new Priest or Priestess. This implement was sacred to Anubis (Anupu).

The ANKH was a tool representing the element Air. It represented the life-force, personal wisdom, power and vitality.

The CADUSEUS was another tool of air used for healing and focusing mental concentration in later Egypt after influence by the Greeks. It is a wand with two snakes entwined up the main staff of the wand with the snake heads at the top. It is a symbol still in use today by the medical profession. Magickally, it was used to draw healing energy into the afflicted area and to suck out the imbalance of the illness. Sacred to Thoth (Tehuti).

The CHALICE or CUP was a tool of water used for scrying and to hold the offerings (abet) to the Gods. You can see images of Nephthys (Nebthet), Isis’s twin sister of the Underworld with the sacred Chalice as a crown on Her head.

The MIRROR was seen as a tool of the earth and used as a shield for protection with one side rough and the other side smooth and reflective. Typically the mirror was made from gold, silver or copper.

The SHAWABTI (also known as a USHABTI) was a small human figure used to represent an individual and used for healing, love and binding. They could be fashioned from clay, wood, faience or wax. In healing, herbs could be burned over the figure to aid in recovery or the figure could be washed with an herbal infusion for the same purpose. A healing stone might be pressed into the body part to draw healing energy to that part when the figure was made from clay, faience or wax. The afflicted body part might be pierced with a sharp object to allow the negative energy of the illness to be released. The Shawabti could be used in love matters in similar ways that we use dolls or image candles today with the intended’s name written on the back of the Shawabti and then anointing the figure with a love oil and then wafted in an incense crafted to draw love. In works to bind an individual from doing evil things, the Shawabti would have the name carved on the back and then be bound with cord or buried in salt to stop the energy. In later dynasties, Shawabtis were made specifically to be buried in the tomb with the official or Pharaoh to serve his or her needs in the afterlife.

The SISTRUM was seen as a tool of fire for purification as well as for creation and power. It was shaped like an Ankh and had wires which were fixed on each side running through metal cymbals. By shaking the Sistrum the temple could be cleared with the sound and vibration of this instrument. Sistrums were used in the temples of Isis, Hathor and Bast in particular.

The TET (Thet) is also known as the Knot of Isis and represented protection, stability, authority and power. It was carved out of red jasper or carnelian, although in a pinch, it could be made from clay and painted red.

The WINGED DISK represented the Sun and is a tool of air and fire for a clear, focused mind. Suspend an image of the Winged Disk in the East to bring clarity and purification to your home.

The URAEUS (UA ZIT) is the ultimate symbol of the power of Egypt. It is a crown which fits around the head and has the Cobra (the Goddess Wadjet) protruding from the forehead. The Uraeus was used to stimulate the 3rd Eye, raise Kundalini energies, develop understanding and the ability to act in the astral or spiritual worlds.

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