Goddess Isis Greatest Hits - Ash's Picks

At Goddess Isis, we love our products as much as you do. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of our favorite things.

This week, we'll explore what Ash, from our counter crew, loves.

My favorite book would have to be Fairy Magic by Aurora Kane. Why, might you ask? That is because this book is a trove of information on how to work with the Fae, from setting up fairy tea parties to a full blown altar to venerate and work with the fairies.

As for the stone I personally favor the fossil agate mostly for its grounding properties and because it's a pretty stone.

Now the oil of choice is Oakmoss, that's because it's excellent for use in contacting fae/ woodland spirits.

Finally we have the incense which would be Ebony Opium. The reason for this is selfish and that's because this particular incense helps me calm down and destress.

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