The Twelve Decks of Christmas - Emily's Picks

We are your Tarot Superstore! And our personal collections reflect this. In this series, we look at the decks we're most amped about right now.

Here are Emily's picks for the Twelve Decks of Christmas:
There may or may not be twelve!

Here are my 12 (actually 13) decks:

Unveiling the Golden Age
This deck is excellent for working with ascension, the higher self and the wider community. It is designed for collective work to heal the planet, as well as being a powerful tool for self awareness and expansion.

Cozy Witch
This deck is like a warm hug from a loving aunt or grandmother. It is RWS based, but the images have been updated to be both contemporary and comforting. An excellent deck for facing difficult issues and finding the best way to move forward.

This non-traditional deck is filled with bright colors and bold images. It is very cross-cultural and the symbolism speaks to our collective ancient memories.

This RWS based deck has beautiful art and soothing colors. It is traditional enough that it makes a great deck for beginners.

Hanson Roberts
This traditional deck has very sweet and gentle images. It is excellent for beginners and people who are a bit apprehensive about tarot. It has cards that are smaller than the standard size deck, so it is easy to handle for those of us with small hands.

David Bowie. Tarot. What could possibly be better? This psychedelic deck packs a powerful third eye opening punch.

This adorable deck and its accompanying book are rich with Yuletide traditions and images. There are also several original spreads for working with Winter Solstice energies.

Tarot of the Divine
A magickal deck featuring fairy tales from all around the world. This deck is great for beginners because almost everybody can connect to the universal themes of fairy tales and childhood legends.

Jack-O-Lantern Tarot
Featuring the art of Giulano Costa, creator of the Mystical Tarot and the Pre-Raphaelite Tarot, this deck is full of bright colors and surreal images with a spooky and fun Halloween theme.

Book of Shadows Tarot Complete Kit (As Above/So Below)
These two decks work together. The As Above deck is specifically designed for spiritual work and connecting with the divine. It provides higher guidance for any major life issues. The So Below deck focuses more on the day to day aspects of life. Working in tandem, these two decks provide insight for any life situation. The companion books also has information on using the cards for ritual and spellwork.

Tarot Mucha
Of all the Art Nouveau decks available, I feel this is the most beautiful. It is easy to read as it follows the traditional RWS themes and it is a sumptuous delight for the eyes.

Silver Witchcraft
Featuring beautiful silver edged cards, this deck expresses pagan themes and is full of lunar energy. A perfect deck for pagans seeking to connect with the tarot.

As always, if you see something on this list that isn't on the website, shoot us an email or ring us up and we'll get it on the way.

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